World T20 Cup Super 12 will be played today, 3 big announcements of Rameez Raja

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Head of Pakistan cricket Board Ramiz Raja says I have to do three things at once. I am a very impatient type of manager. I have to fix the organization system, there are people who work in commercials, and there is no one. Now we have to improve our business. I went to a buggy business in Karachi. The second is fan engagement, 90% of fans in the world participate. This has never happened in cricket, we will be up front with our fans. You must improve your product. If the board of directors is better, the government is on its side.

Ramiz Raja says cricket should be brought in from schools, colleges and universities, and in the local education system I am talking about at the moment, I can’t believe experimental cricketers would not be born here, and if there is a shortage, remove it. We have to work on it. We also have to work on technology.

The PCB must have input sources. Work is underway for it. Ramiz Raja has announced that the PSL for Under-19 cricketers will start in Pakistan soon. The best people in the world will be brought in. Also Ricky Bunting. Yunus Khan will be there too. Second, I’m going to tighten up my home schedule. I want to have 3 national cups 15-20 days each year. I think of the summer window. There will be full cricket from September to March. my plan. Get out the window of summer we will go out Abbottabad, Quetta.

Pakistan will have a Triangle Cup every year. The two best teams in the world will participate. PSL will also bid. First class cricket will be better. We will produce double players. There is much work to be done. wanted. Big news coming in the next 10 to 15 days. I will do better for women’s cricket.

Ramiz Raja says All Pakistan is about to announce Talent Hunt. School cricket will be 8 months old. Cricket club will be strong too. Within 30 to 45 days I will have a business plan. I have a tsunami on my mind. There are plans to make me sleepy There’s a lot on the mind.

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja looked very tired, his condition was not new and said that if the Pakistan team did not become number one, everyone from tea drinkers to PCB Chairman would fail.

Ramiz Raja faced many questions, gave detailed answers, referring to foreign coaches, he said that they were better. Our pitches are bad, there will be no bouncing off the land of Nandipur, then we will have Australia and South Africa. When the hawkers come, it’s all behind us. We will make bouncy playgrounds.

Ramiz Raja revealed that the lowest ranked people are my heroes. The cricket club has been destroyed, conditions are bad everywhere and I have to work on that now. I haven’t been able to get a detailed summary in a month. Money and less for players. It’s also amazing. An Australian mentality is needed. Have confidence in yourself. Take a step back. Matthew Hayden is a big name. It will pay off. Vernon Flanders will also help with bowling.

Ramiz Raja says that at this time pick up the newspapers, turn on the TV, as much as cricket is fixed and no product is fixed. The national teams will also stay in Pakistan when our product is strong. The cricket will not be controlled by remote control. If we play normally against India, we will win. If we apply pressure, we will not sleep. We will not eat.

Today, the first and thirteenth match of the Super 12 of the T20 FIFA World Cup 2021 will take place, October 23, 2021 in Abu Dhabi. If the performance is poor, then Australia is doing worse, let’s say both teams have been scoring like this this year. Now they are facing each other. So if you look at their history in the past 4. The Proteus series is waiting for us. Kangaroos are killed in cages and this is the situation throughout the year.

If you look at the history of the sixth edition of the ICC World T20 Championship, they are both similar. Both of them never won an event. The Proteas have won 9 out of 10 matches around the world before two warm-up matches. They lost in 8 international matches, although they beat New Zealand in the warm-up match, they also lost to India, where Proteas beat Afghanistan and Pakistan in the friendlies.

South African sprinter Tabriz Shamsi is physically fit, and today is going to give Australia a hard time. The teams that fight first win in Abu Dhabi this time, the weather will be hot. It will be useful for both footballers and spinners. It wouldn’t be so easy for the batting side to win.

The Australian team will participate in this match with 7 players and 4 professional bowlers, Glenn Maxwell will also be running and Proteas will select their own good mix.

The two met only once in the history of the T20 International Cricket World Cup. The 2012 T20 World Match was played for Australia. To date, Tabriz Shams has the largest number of 37 T20 international wickets in the world, followed by Australian spinners.

If you take a look at the overall record of both teams, you will find that Proteas are in the lead. Of the 21 T20 internationals played so far, Australia has won only eight while South Africa has won 13. A tough competition is expected in the world T20: David Warner seems to have it all and if he doesn’t go, South Africa will win the match and start their campaign successfully.

According to Pakistan time, the match will start at 2:30 pm and the match will start atpm

3.30This is the front end, it rained, the English team managed it, and the West Indies once again became the T20 world champions. England left to shake hands, and the cup slipped out of his hands.

There is another important thing. 2007 to 2021. England are powerless against the West Indies like this. Record all matches is enough to eat this gossip. 18 matches were played, the West Indies won 11 of them, and England only won seven.

And we will never forget that England have never won a T20 World Cup history against the West Indies. Now it is not about one or two matches but five matches and this is the common sad story of Pakistan vs India. In like this England could be anywhere in the T20 rankings. It will also be a history of 5 defeats, and the fear of never being able to win.

See something else. The West Indies cricket team has played 2 international T20 matches in Dubai so far and lost both matches to Pakistan in 2016. England played 6 matches against Pakistan in Dubai between 2010 and 2015. 4 wins and 1 loss, it was also against Pakistan. Now what will be considered in these circumstances, this will be

the second match of Group A of the FIFA Super 12 World Cup which will be played today October 23 at 7 pm in Dubai. The West Indies cricket team doesn’t have that power. He’s not insisting he can do it better this time either. The team has mostly great players. Then the last two years have a bad record. Putting England in comparison. Player ratings and recent performances are even better. The English team will be the favorite for this match.

The only interesting thing is whether England will be able to change the history of the World Cup from day one. The match against the West Indies will be able to make a name for itself. It’s a matter of dollars. Even if it doesn’t happen on the good days and the West Indies win again, then rest assured that Pakistan won’t be able to change the tradition of losing to India the next day and England beating the West Indies, it can be considered. The pages of the history of the World Cup have turned the Pakistani national team upside down, and the match will start at seven in the evening, according to Pakistani time.

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