Why Pak Army is constantly facing hatred

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What a tragic act.. the Pakistani army is powerless, expressing regret, expressing hate. This is what happened. There was nothing like this before April 9, 2022. The people of Pakistan and the masses of the Pakistani army fought the Fifth Generation War. defend. Now it is not so, now the Pakistani army has no place now.

On April 9, 2022, there were 110,000 comments on the DG ISPR tweet regarding the Shaheen missile. They were all against it. The first thing is that no more than 5,000 comments were ever sent to him. It is easy for this to happen because of the role that the Pakistani army played in the process of changing the Pakistani government. There is no need to deceive that they have become neutral and have never been neutral and no one has forgotten what happened in the elections and this is what happened in 2022 when Imran Khan government changed after the American position, and as a result Those who came have been misusing the same army for the past five years, so how is this acceptable to the nation?

After April, now it’s May. It is the occasion of Eid. Army Commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa went to the front-line soldiers to celebrate Eid, and headed to the martyrs’ house. There were more than a million comments on the three tweets. Comments that cannot be copied here as if nothing had changed but rather increased.. The question is what would happen if this tragedy occurred with the ongoing tweets?

Before moving on, there is talk of creating video games in Pakistan. The good news for the Pakistani people is that they know that such a campaign cannot begin without the support of a large organization. But once you start, these debris will fall on them over and over again.

The Pakistani army has a simple way to play the role of a real security agency for a country and to conduct instant elections in Pakistan. Leave the decision to the people, if he doesn’t it will be hard to tweet. more difficult.

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