why ICC website jammed,Pakistan Still unimportant?still not come there?

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Note this. New Zealand and England should see if they have this award. Did cricket fans give them that honor? Australia and England are also traditional rivals. They are in the group of the T20 World Cup. Match tickets sold this way, the ICC website blocked for their competition? No, no, why did Pakistan go so far in opposing cricket? In simple words, it doesn’t matter as much as they see themselves. Yes, in such a case, the only question is is there relief now?

Is anyone still doubting his ability to survive by separating Pakistan from international cricket. He can snatch his own international cricket and rule himself. If so, choose one of the cricket test countries. And organize events like the World Cup. Those who have any doubts must cast their doubts out again on the night between 3rd and 4th October that Pakistan is not only very important to world cricket and the ICC and all its events, but it is also important. It is more important than countries. See the latest example. If you can snatch, snatch tickets for the Pak-India match in moments, the ICC site is jammed and this has become the hottest breaking news in cricket.

ICC has started selling tickets for T20 World Cup 2021 PAK-India online. The site crashed in the first ten minutes. There were more than 20,000 applications pending. It only took 10 minutes and the site crashed. Fans from all over the world apply for tickets. The speed of the seconds slowed down while the speed of the advances was lightning. Fans who appeared in the queue were unable to obtain tickets. Inside they got a two-word reply that all tickets had been sold out.

The ICC set Dhs600 per ticket for 2 stands, and the attendance status of 70% of spectators led to 30% of tickets being canceled, and these tickets also started selling quickly.

The match of the round between Pakistan and India in the T20 Cricket World Cup is scheduled to take place on October 24 in Dubai and this is the latest watch for cricket fans and fans.

The first question is that the ICC has the Big Three, and their mutual chain is so important and nothing else is taken into consideration, then the question is why tickets for the match between Australia and England were not sold in this way, India is so important. Why did you not get so much importance in any other match except for Pakistan .. What about New Zealand .. Why does the site top the Pakistan and India matches as usual?

The second question is, did the ICC realize this again? If not, Pakistan should not have a match between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup or the World Cup. When they can’t, why should the hands that chase Pakistan cricket not receive a silent call. The mission of the world body is to give and treat equal rights. If the back is pushed, why hasn’t the ICC taken action on it yet. Let Pakistan think for itself about the place and time and apologize for going to such an event once and for all.

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