why did New Zeland ignore England,s security alert ? many Other contradictions

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On the one hand, the England Cricket Board is saying that it is not possible to visit Pakistan due to the fatigue and mental rest of the players, so their team will not travel to Pakistan next month and on the other hand, another incident has happened with it. Not only does he have no interest in resting his players and affecting his schedule. India has done so and has kept the West Indies series in such a way that England’s schedule, including the date, will now go a week ahead but He doesn’t care. It’s very surprising.

West Indies Tour Of India

West Indies team is also among those going there. Now the schedule for India’s white ball matches against West Indies has been released. It is between 6th February to 20th February 2022 and it has been approved by West Indies. Now the second great thing is that England was to start the tour of West Indies from 28th January. According to the previous schedule, when the West Indies team was playing a match in India, it was to play against England at home ground 24 hours later. Now it will not be possible.

West Group

The dates of the matches against England have been scrapped here and this includes the full support of the West Indies led by India. It is learned that the ECB has also given permission to change the schedule of its matches. On the one hand, such matters are going on. On the other hand, scheduled match tours are being canceled and the reasons for this have not been stated. Rameez Raja has pointed to the same West Group and said that now West Indies The West Indies team has also visited Pakistan in the past for a large sum of money. This time it may be found elsewhere.

Other Hand Laike This

It will be asked why the threatening e-mail is not important. The bomb e-mail given to the New Zealand women’s cricket team was not a trivial matter. The details of the security alert have also come out here. Let it be known that there was truth in them. Details were not released in the case of Pakistan. Were there baseless allegations?

New Zealand cricket double standards, ignore threats to their women’s team in England. Announced the match to continue. This shocking incident took place in England, where the Kiwi women’s cricket team is present for the series against the host country. Social Media Consumers have questioned New Zealand that a threat is a threat. The threat received in England is of no importance, while in Pakistan it has fled on the basis of a seemingly self-imposed security alert.

What Is This

The Kiwi women’s cricket team is in Leicester for the third match of the ODI series. Its female players have received a threatening e-mail which has been discussed all over the world. The presence of the mail is a proof in itself and it happened before the third ODI match but shortly after New Zealand cricket officials said that the match will be played on Tuesday as per the schedule and there will be a training camp before that. It is baseless. It has been received by the England Cricket Board in which it has been said that an explosion could take place in the team hotel.

Why this news has attracted the attention of the whole world. Because both New Zealand and England have ended their tour of Pakistan on the same basis. He did not even take time to think and refused to send the team 20 days before the tour.

Hashim Amla feeling As well

world is feeling the pain of Pakistan. Now look at the fact that when New Zealand ended its tour of Pakistan, there was an immediate reaction from cricketers all over the world. Notable cricketers expressed their feelings and now when When England also took the same line, a series has started. Former cricketers, current observers have all expressed regret and called it a dark day. Former head Mickey Arthur has called it the darkest day for Pakistan cricket. South African cricketer Hashim Amla says he has traveled all over the world for cricket, as safe as he has found himself in Pakistan. Not in any other country. Pakistan is the safest country in the world. He also shared a photo of his meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan during a meeting during the PSL last year. Darren Sammy was also present along with the batsman playing for Peshawar Zalmai. Hashim Amla has shared this picture again and expressed solidarity with Pakistan. He has strongly criticized the decision of England.

British High Commissioner

Turner, the British High Commissioner Pakistan, said the visit was “regrettable” and hoped that the England team would visit Pakistan next year. Former England cricketer and commentator David Gower said: England has its own decision but I am satisfied with the security of Pakistan and will visit again next year. David Gower is commenting in Pakistan for PSL and his contract is ongoing.

Many famous cricketers in Pakistan including Shoaib Akhtar, Sikandar Bakht, Inzamam-ul-Haq have termed it as a political decision and said that the whole world knows why all this is going on.

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