why British high commissioner is giving a clean chit to Pakistan,fraud revealed,Lern from Michael Atherton

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The Pakistani government traced the cancellation of New Zealand’s visit to Pakistan, where the story was designed, where the film was operated from and why the Kiwis did it. Pakistan’s security agencies have traced the real story. Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry will reveal this in a press conference on Wednesday. On the other hand, the decisions of New Zealand and England continue to be sharply criticized.

England is ashamed of the cancellation of England cricket team’s tour of Pakistan. When a person deliberately commits hypocrisy, body language says a lot. Now the British High Commissioner Christian Turner has also jumped into the fray. He has tried to say a lot in the Pakistani media.

“I can understand the frustration and anger of Rameez Raja. I believe that today is a sad day. I want to tell the world that England did not cancel the tour of Pakistan due to security reasons,” said Turner. What is it? He justified fatigue. Security had nothing to do with it. Turner says that Pakistanis truly love cricket. I consider myself safe. I travel all over Pakistan. No one had any problem here.

“I assure you that the England team will visit Pakistan next year. I agree that no one will believe it but I am the ambassador and it is my job to bring the two countries closer,” Turner said. I will do my best and I can say with full confidence that the England team will visit Pakistan for the full series in 2022. Rameez Raja and Wasim Khan have done a lot for Pakistan cricket.

Pakistan has started legal work to take legal action against New Zealand and England. The decision to take action at the board and government level was taken at the federal cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The country is facing severe criticism. Independent analysts have already criticized it. Now the former captain of the England cricket team Michael Vaughan has also criticized his country.

Michael Vaughan says that England missed the opportunity to repay Pakistan’s debt. The decision to cancel the tour is by no means correct. Pakistan was at the forefront of reviving international cricket. Asked about a country that came to our aid in difficult situations. In response, he said, “This treatment is very unfair.” Has justified his coronation and hardships with an ax to his feet.

The ECB should have remembered when Pakistan visited England last year, when code 19 was spreading badly. It was on the rise. At that time, Pakistani cricketers not only risked their lives but also paid millions of pounds to England. Pakistan had a justification for denial. No denial. England had no justification to deny on the basis of the same thing. This has been done wrong.

Michael Atherton says Pakistan’s anger is justified. It is understandable. Michael Atherton has done another miracle. Supporting the new PCB chairman Rameez Raja’s words, he has shown his country a big mirror. Rameez Raja today He had said that the England people say that we will come to Pakistan next year. Rameez had replied in a humorous manner about what they would come. Before coming, they can cancel the visit with any excuse. Michael Atherton has supported Rameez Raja. And he has said that he is right, because England has broken the trust of Pakistan. The board has not left itself worthy to be trusted. Rameez Raja is right.

Kirk Again adds that it is good for Pakistan that the former England captain is also lying to his board. A body that cannot be trusted. This is in Pakistan’s favor. I go. Such a lobby is needed in the media to show England such a big and disgusting mirror that they can be seen hiding their faces from anyone but themselves. They should not dare to do such a thing again.

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