Today’s score race in T20 World Cup, New Zealand and India, who benefits, who loses

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The 2021 T20 World Cup matches will be held at the International Cricket Tournament on Friday 5 November. Running springs may explode in the desert areas of Sharjah and Dubai. There may be something else in this quest. The second group matches are held and in both of them there will be a joint competition which is the Mardar competition and the sprint competition by a huge margin.

The first match of the day will start at 3:00 pm in Sharjah, and this match will be held between New Zealand and Namibia, and the evening match will be held in Dubai, and here India and Scotland compete.

The position of the group is that India has 2 points in 3 matches and New Zealand has 4 points in the same number of matches, the New Zealander is in fourth place in the points table and India is in fifth, which is in a good position.

India needs to defeat the New Zealanders, if it is against Namibia today, they will be defeated, otherwise hopes will rise against Afghanistan on Sunday. With barely a win against Scotland for 16 times, they also need to improve their net run rate to avoid an undefeated defeat, and Namibia could be an easy target for that, winning to make their net run rate the most difficult for India.

India, who improved their net run rate by defeating Afghanistan by 66 runs, will try to use the same formula against Scotland in Dubai in the evening. If India wins by a good margin, there will be two conversations in the arena on Sunday. If the Kiwis beat Afghanistan in the afternoon, the story of India will score before the match between India and Syria, and how many margins he will need to win the next match, will be within his reach.

To facilitate the same, there will be another massacre in Dubai, but remember there is a Scottish team up front, which gave New Zealand a tough time. It’s not hard to think that a match against India or New Zealand wouldn’t be. Played in thePlay cycle.

QuickTwo out of 20 Asian teams have to go home but none of them will take their opponent with them. The defending West Indies didn’t think that instead of defending the title, Sri Lanka going home would also do the job.

Sri Lanka beat the West Indies by 20 times in their last group match at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi. They have also been eliminated, and now the West Indies’ final match against Australia will be a formality for the Caribbean, and it will be an official match. Kind of a quarter-finalist for Australia.

In the match played on Thursday night, the West Indies team didn’t seem to dominate any stage, after bowling first, they scored 189 points from Sri Lanka and could only get out of the match.

The West Indies were in a bad mood after chasing 190 times, Chris Gale was able to do it, and his teammate Avon Lewis was a guest on 8. They were 169 times for 8 runs. Half a century but no one supported him, Ruston Chase 9, Andre Russell 2, Captain Caron Pollard zero, Jason Holder multi-tier only managed 8. Devon Bravo can also achieve 2.

For Sri Lanka, Fernando, Karuna Ratne and Hasa Ranga de Silva got 2.2 wickets For both of them.

With this victory, Sri Lanka’s trip to the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup ended with 4 points in 5 matches, the West Indies have 2 points in 4 matches, and their last match was against Australia.

Earlier today, the Bangladesh national team exited the event with zero points after their fifth consecutive failure in the Super 12, and Australia comfortably won.

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