Today is a big day in the T20 World Championships, a big match, which favorite

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myhype of the match between Pakistan and India in Dubai last week, it was like a battle between the traditional contenders, the intensity of which was far and wide. , this week today the two traditional opponents will also face each other, before Ash’s big fight A few weeks later, the confrontation will be as short as Ash’s.

Cricket fans must have understood that it was England and Australia and the 2021 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the biggest and most vibrant of the first group of Super 12. This match will be very important in other words too. Countries are the best candidates in the group. After 2.2 matches, 4.4 points in the pocket, why would they want to be number one in the group.

Fear of Pakistan made both teams sleep. When Pakistan defeated New Zealand, former England captain Michael Vaughan said that every team expects not to face Pakistan in the final or sooner. It came from because it is clear to everyone that Pakistan will do so. Top of Group B, it now has two easy games remaining from Scotland and Namibia. There will be two teams and the second team will be the one to lose, so Australia won’t want to lose in today’s match and England will survive too. Anyway so that they can win and strengthen their first position.

If we look at the record of international T20 doubles matches between Australia and England, Australia is up with 10 wins in 19 matches.

The T20 World Championship record is equal. England and Australia won one of the two matches, but the victory which England claimed was still a slap in the face for Australia. The T20 World Championship final in Bridgetown on March 16, 2010. The loser was traditional rivals England, who won the title by seven wickets, while Australia won their first T20 World Cup in 2007 against England by eight wickets on September 14. It was a team match.

England are the favorites for this match, but Dubai can do anything with the season, throwing and so much more. The winning team in this match will have more chances to become number one in their group

. The first game will be on Saturday, October very important. The match between South Africa and Sri Lanka will be held in Sharjah at three o’clock in the afternoon, and both teams have the same position, and there are 2.2 points with one defeat, and the leading teams Australia and England have 4.4 points and each has a game. In the evening, it is clear that one of them will lose and his station will remain at 4, and the winning team will go up by 6 points, like the winner of the afternoon main match will also get 4 points and will be on par with the losing team from Syria and hopefully they can also reach the semi-finals, So South Africa and Sri Lanka will insist that after this match, the semi-finalists should be considered equal.

Proteas will be the favorite for this match, they have outstanding players, the islanders will have to work hard, and winning will not be easy, anyway in the history of the T20 World Cup against South Africa and Sri Lanka in 3 matches played so far. He was the winner of the 2.

South African wicket-keeper Quentin de Kock, who refused to participate in an indirect protest in the last match, is now ready for the process.

Pakistan pushed India down in the ICC T20 rankings before the event started, fourth in the T20 rankings.

After 3 consecutive victories, Pakistan came in second place, India ranked third while England is still in the first place, and the Pakistan team will come to the first place if they win the T20 World Cup. The Prime Minister from Pakistan, Imran Khan said that as a new team, the way the Afghan team gained confidence and ability, in such a short time, I had never seen a team before. I’ve never seen it come this way

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