The flight of teams for World T20 Cup from today,why New Zealand match important for Pakistan

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The T20 World Cup 2021 journey will start from today, the Bangladeshi cricket team will leave for Oman today, while the Sri Lankan cricket team is also scheduled to do the same, and the first stage will take place. The possibility that these two teams will move on to the next stage where the best teams in the world will participate in Super 12. The race has begun.

What New Zealand did in Pakistan last month will never be forgotten. England followed suit, sprinkling salt on Pakistan’s wounds. It will remain forgotten. No because England apologized, but also because he was in his country, he had not left yet the pain would continue year after year. New Zealand understands this, too. This has touched the hearts of Pakistani players forever. Incidentally, the battle of the T20 world is on top of it. The second coincidence is that Pakistan and New Zealand are in the same group. The third coincidence is that India is also in the Pakistani group. Pakistan’s first match against India. The match is waiting. Perhaps also because the Pakistani team and the people want to vent their anger against New Zealand once and for all. As a result, everyone is waiting. The World T20 match will be played on October 26, 2021.World Cup

If you take a look at the history of theGreen Berets and Black Berets, you will see a fork in the road. They also faced each other in the 2007 Cup. Incidentally, this was also the first semi-final of the event and he won the match with 6 wickets while holding 7 balls, and went up to the final, Omar Gul took 3 wickets for 15 runs, while Imran Nazir scored 59 runs.

What a coincidence that the Kiwis lost to Pakistan and were eliminated from the event. The second match between the two took place at the Oval Stadium in the second 2009 T20 World Cup. In the match on June 13, the Kiwi hitting line proved to be a wall of sand. Bassem Gul took 5 wickets for 6 runs in 3 rounds. Play the best bowling event and rally. The kiwi was out for 99. The green team won the match with 6 wickets in over 14. Lost 6 wickets.

Pakistan and New Zealand met for the third time in the 2010 T20 World Cup. In the match held in Bridgetown on May 8, 2010, the Green Berets were limited to 132 to 7 in pursuit of an easy goal by 134 points and narrowly lost it. One game, this was Land’s first win in T20 World Championship history against Pakistan, it was a Group E match.

Pakistan kept this defeat in mind. In the ninth match of Group D of the 2012 T20 World Cup on September 23, 2012, they defeated the Kiwi. Pakistan scored 177 goals for 6 wickets. The kiwi was taken out for 164 for 9 by Saeed Ajmal with 4 wickets for 30 runs. This match was played in Bali Bananas.

The two teams did not compete in the 2014 T20 World Cup. Incidentally, in the sixth and final T20 World Cup to date, Pakistan and New Zealand again played Super 10 Group 2 match on March 22, 2016 in Mohali. He played 80. In response, Pakistan could only score 158 for 5 wickets, and Sharjeel Khan scored 47 outstanding points.

Thus, there were 5 matches between Pakistan and New Zealand in 6 T20 World Cup tournaments, New Zealand won the last match while Pakistan beat New Zealand for the last time in T20 World Cup 2012. They won but it’s not a huge difference. The Kiwis haven’t been proven to be the best. Now what matters is whether or not the Pakistan team is ready to defeat the New Zealanders after suffering a new injury? A detailed analysis in this regard see in the following report. Only here history matches enough

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