The Complete Package Of World T20 Cup,All 15 Batting Records Together

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Now it’s time to share information about the 2021 T20 World Cup. It has been Cricseen’s habit since last year to tell the story of every major event. The articles have been published, now there is a complete article submission service in which you have everything, you have to do a lot of research to find it. They are connected with the T20 World Cup.

first record

history of the ICC World T20 Cup was broken by 6 editions. One player has more than a thousand goals. Sri Lankan player Mahela Ayavardene is first with 1016 Runs in 31 games in 31 matches from 2007 to 2014. West Indies “Chris Gale is second in 28 games with 920 runs. This time Chris Gale will have the last chance to take the first place here, to set an account, which will not be a challenge for everyone. Malik is the top scorer in the Pakistan team with 546 runs.

second record 

one who has the greatest achievements in the ICC World T20 Cup. Who has more centuries, but the question will arise who has the honor of the fastest century. Chris Gale is number one in this chapter. He conceded 48 balls in a game against England in 2016 for a century. He is the second number. He scored 57 balls against South Africa in 2007.

third record

India’s Yuvraj Singhrecord,the fastest fifty of ICC T20 World Cup, finished the 12 ball. He set this record against the England team in 2007. In the first World Cup.

fourth record 

by Sri Lanka for the largest investment in the history of the ICC World T20, which was hit by Mahela Jaya and Kumar Sangakkara scored 176 runs for the second wicket. was a record against Sri Lanka in 2014.

fifth record 

Top score made by Brandon meculum in history of the iCC World Twenty20 Cup is123 runs, September 21, 2012.  

sixth record

Australia,new zealand and south africa never win icc World T 20 cup in history.

seven records 

Setan average of the highest hit. India captain Virat Kohl has averaged 86 points in 16 games. Mike Hussey, originally from Australia, has averaged 54 appearances in 21 games. , no fighter has averaged more than 50 runs.

Eight record

Virat Kohlin, and Chris Gale hold the record for the more fiftys. Kohli has 9 fifties in 16 games and Gale has played 28 Games and scored 9 fifties as well.

Ninth Record

best strike rate of the T20 World Cup, held by West Indian champion Captain Darren Sammy, who has 215 runs in 25 games with 164 STR. Australian Glenn Maxwell 160 Pakistani Shahid Afridi They are second and third with 154% strike rate.

Tenth record

This is a negative record, this is the first number of former Pakistani captain Shahid Khan Afridi, he has got 5 times Duckes in 34 matches.

11th record

Dominated by Chris Gale. He is the player who has scored the most sixes in the history of the World T20 so far, the important thing is that there is no one closest to him. He scored 60 six shots in 28 games. India’s Yuvraj Singh is second with 33 sexes in 31 matches. Shahid Afridi has the most six from Pakistan. His number is only 21.

12th record 

very important in terms of T20 cricket, in which Chris Gale is ahead. He has the honor of scoring six hundreds in the World T20 inning. On March 16, 2016, he made 100 runs against England in Mumbai. He scored 11 six in undefeated 100. He is also in the second place with 10th place.

13th record

T20 World Cup has been played 6 times. If we consider the events of the centuries , they are less than expected. So far, 8 centuries have been registered in 6 eras. Represented from 7 countries. Is it a coincidence that Chris Gale from West India scored the first century in the history of the T20 World Cup in South Africa on September 11, 2007 in Johannesburg against South Africa. He scored 117 runs. In 2016 He remained undefeated in the 100. He is the first and only striker in the world to score in two centuries in the T20 World Cup. In addition, Indian Suresh Raina from , McCallum, New zealand, England, Alex Hales , Ahmed Shehzad from Pakistan and Tamim Iqbal from Bangladesh performed this feat.

15th record

T20 World Cup. who was the top scorer in one event. How many scores did he score? Indian star Virat Kohli score 319 goals in 6 matches . The highest score was 77, 4 – fifty. The average is 106, . Kohli is the top scorer. in one of the lonely events. Sri Lanka’s Tilakaratne Dilshan scored 317 and Mahela JW 302, becoming the top scorers for the 2009-2010 editions.

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