T20 World Cup, today 2 matches, fear in one, hope in the other

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Coincidentally, on the one hand, the T20 World Cup semi-final ticket match. And in the second set, this drama will be on Friday.

There comes a day when the team goes out and the team reaches the semi-finals. It will be with the two most important games. Is it a coincidence that one team will be out of the schedule for one match? During the day, one team can confirm the semi-final match as a result of the second match at night, and by chance the two teams are two separate groups.

Despair match

In this story we are talking about the first match, where Bangladesh and the West Indies will compete in Sharjah on Friday at 3 pm, and in the first group, both teams are fifth and sixth, and the two teams played two matches, two matches, both of which failed. Points are off the table, and they are now, by chance, trying to open up their success account by playing against each other.The West Indies are the defenders of this event. In the first game, they were thrown at 55 by England. In the second match, they were powerless in front of the Proteas. Bangladesh lost to England.

What is the competition between the two. The West Indies have batting problems but their manpower will improve after the arrival of Jason Holder. There is more than one champion in the Bangladesh team and yet he is not in his fitness..

Favorite Kuhn, Kirk once again believes that Bangladesh can beat the West Indies even if they are not the favourite. Azazs and players including Shakib Al-Hassan can tighten the batting streak in the West Indies. The lottery will be important. Where does the team go, by the way, this is today’s match, it will not be difficult for the team to beat later.

In the 11 T20 matches played so far in both countries, the competition has always been bifurcated. If the West Indies won 6 matches, then the Bangladesh team was not left behind and scored 5 victories.

The most important thing is the same. Bangladesh or the West Indies, with today’s match, a team will be eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2021. By the way, the conditions in which Bangladesh played the first stage were very poor. If you look at the idea that he should be out of the house, but if you look at the accomplishments in the current West Indies event, he should go home in the truest sense of the word. The competition is expected to be tough. The Bangladesh team can beat the defending champions if they gain momentum, the Tigers will hide their faces in the dark.

, hopeful match

By the way, the ICC and the Indian Council that adhere to the schedule of matches Pakistan at night, plays the third match in the cup today and as usual this match is also at night, and at seven in the evening in Dubai, Pakistan has also played matches against India and New Zealand at the same time, and interestingly enough, India still only plays one match.

T20 World Cup, teacher and student head to head, semi-final confirmation for Pakistan today. The reason is that Pakistan has taught and managed Afghanistan from the beginning, and the legendary cricketers have trained them as teachers. T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and Afghanistan both teams are unbeaten so far Green Berets India and New Zealand while the Afghanistan team beat Scotland today match is very important for Pakistan and this is a big deal.

The Super 12 stage began on October 23. In less than a week, it would be great if the team reached the semi-finals with 5 matches and 6 teams in groups. If the Pakistan team wins the match if it is taken, the semi-final group will be confirmed, and the first place will remain as well. If the Pakistan team loses, they will lose the first place as well. Bangladesh net playback rate is better, so it will come first.

And is there a competition between the two, and where is Pakistan and where is Afghanistan, and is there a connection?

The answer is so. There will be tough competition, there will be joints and there will be pressure. Who will forget? World Cup 2019, when the Pakistan national team was losing in England, a victory over Afghanistan was hardly possible. Earlier in the 2018 Asian Cup, Pakistan narrowly escaped a humiliating defeat, with Shoaib Malik winning in the last minute.

Coincidentally, the above two matches were two-day matches. What will be the history of T20 cricket between the two countries? Mutually, there was only one possible match between the two countries. Pakistan won one hair earlier.

Afghanistan’s strength lies in its spinners. Spinners of high quality and higher order can cause problems. On the other hand, like Pakistan’s quick attack on India, the best 3 to 4 players in Afghanistan have the ability to fly the first 6 times, and in this case it will be easy to win.

The lottery will be important again, the team that wins the lottery will prefer to play first, the question is who will win the lottery, will Babar Azam, who won the lottery in the first two matches, be destined to win this lot again. You were able to perform a hat-trick to keep the match in your pocket? The question is important.

Babar Azam can win the lottery again but Muhammad Nabi will be in the lead, and whoever wins the lottery will go first.

The Pakistani team is the favorite and has the full potential to win the match. With victory the semi-final will be ready. It will be seen that if the Afghan captain wins the lottery, he will play with Pakistan first. He’ll be new in the camp, so what’s going to happen, so Kirk will publish a report shortly before the match.. Currently, he is silent on this question.

1st match,West Indies Vs Bangladesh 3 pm

2nd match,Pakistan Vs Afghanistan 7 pm

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