T20 World Cup, Super 12 Super Battle, Pakistan and India face each other today

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history of the T20 International Cricket World Cup

There have been 5 matches between Pakistan and India in the history of the T20 International Cricket World Cup. What a coincidence that all the matches turned out to be low scores. Pakistan’s high score was 152 and the lowest score was 128. Another coincidence. The 2007 Final The T20 World Cup was also held on the 24th, but that month was September and it will be October. Likewise, India won 3 out of 5 matches and dropped the coin twice in favor of Pakistan. They played 3 matches in September and they became oppressors of Pakistan as 2 matches were held in March and the Pakistan team had to walk, and in October the T20 World Championship will be held for the first time.

Pakistan later fought in the round and final match against India in the 2007 T20 World Cup and forced India to chew it in both matches. The match was played by one side. He lost 6 wickets in the last match, and lost 7 wickets. In the previous match he lost 8 wickets in the previous match.

How can India lose if they play first

It is important, of the last 5 matches played in the last 3 matches, Pakistan played first and lost, and that has been mentioned. The important thing is that 2018 to 2021 has come, India if you look at records two things are clear . Whenever the Indian team scores 160 or less in the first match, they lose all eight matches, but if they score 161 to 180 or more, they are the winners. This has happened in 11 matches, India has won 9 times, and if Pakistan has to dominate India, feed it first and limit it to less than 160, the match will be won.

If India hit later

theyn’table to save even the biggest target. The Pakistani team will have to play well, put the ball on the line and the length and catch the catch. Victory will only be possible by catching balls. He plays well so pacers don’t have much experience, as more than 200 scores will ensure Pakistan wins when the bowling quality is evident.

There is little chance that Haider Ali will join the Pakistan national team, who will emerge in such a situation. It wouldn’t be a good idea to banish Hafeez. The idea is that Radwan, Babar, Fakhr, Shuaib, Hafeez, Asif, Shadib, Hassan Ali, Imad Waseem, be Shaheen and Haris.

The Indian team will consist of KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Yadav, Pant, Pandya, Jadeja, Shardul, Ashwin, Shami and Bamrah.

Babar abd Kohli

The playing field will be silver for pacers, spinners will also help, expect a big result that is not high, the idea is that there will be a variety of bowling. KL Rahul and Fakhr Zaman will decorate the playing field. Also between Babar Azam and Virat Kohli there will be a separate competitive atmosphere.

What happened to the Indian national team at the moment is beyond doubt. The Pakistani team includes both old and new players. If India wins, it won’t be a cricket jump. If Pakistan wins, it will be different. Environment: There will be a new atmosphere, international cricket will get a new direction, maybe that’s what everyone wants, it looks like something new will happen this time, Pakistan will be in a position to make a separate history.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam is self-confident, as is India captain Virat Kohli. The people of both countries are expecting a traditional and exciting match. Gavaskar, Karan Moore, Sajen Manjrekar, Azharuddin, Kapil Dev, Shoaib Akhtar and many other stars gave their comments.

New Zealand and England’s recent refusal to play international cricket in Pakistan has sparked outrage among the Pakistani public and cricketers, and it is the best opportunity for players to vent their anger in cricket.

Sunday as a holiday

The stadium is ready for the big match between Pakistan and India. An important match in the 2021 ICCT World Cup continues. The national media of both countries took this match to heaven. The media has been completed. Wherever people from both countries live in the entire world, it will be the same theme on Sunday as a holiday.

The match between Pakistan and India will start at seven in the evening Pakistan time, and the draw will be at half past six in the evening, after which the eyes of the world will be on all kinds of screens for the match, and the dark side of Pakistan is one. And this is the world..Pakistan never beat India in the T20 Cup..Sometimes this series stops and the countdown begins.

Yunus Khan, the captain of the then Pakistan national team that won the 2009 T20 World Cup, said today that the match will start with 50-50 chances. There is no favourite for this match because it is a pressure match and the team has it. Whoever plays well will be the winner.

Another Pakistani player, Muhammad Aamir, says such a match has nothing to do with a story on paper about who is strong and who is weak.will take

Pakistanon India, ICCT 20 World Cup 2021, Super 12 Stage, Group 2, Venue Dubai and time is set at 7pm. The day of the event’s biggest thorny competition has arrived. The Sunday Cricket Festival will take place in Dubai today. The eyes of cricket fans from all over the world, including people from both countries, will focus on her. It will be the biggest cricket match. Cricket will have a big showdown. He also paid tribute to each other, and also attended classes, also repeated history, and also gave statistics. They were also joking with each other, they also made fun of each other, and that is the beauty.

England won

He is. In the Super 12 match of the mega event, he knocked out the defending champion West Indies, England won six wickets in the match held in Dubai. 

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