T20 World Cup semi-final,India’s hopes remain after defeat to New Zealand

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. An easy target of 111 was achieved on the 15th Ovwe. India after losing 10 wickets to Pakistan. Big defeat, We made it clear once again two things last night that were true.

First of all, India has never won against New Zealand in the history of the T20 World Championship, and today is their third overall defeat.

Secondly, India lost the last two of the world’s last T20 matches by batting first, and this time New Zealand also removed India’s understanding by batting later.

Kiwi captains Ken Williamson and Daryl Mitchell lost the goal, and Mitchell was out for 49 runs. Williamson went out undefeated at 33, and Martin Gottel scored 20. Both wickets went to Gaspreet Bumrah.

India’s chances of reaching the semi-finals are slim after the ICC’s T20 World Cup defeat to New Zealand, which is heading towards its worst end. This is what happened in Dubai today. As a result, he had to hit first and gave New Zealand just 111 to win.

The Indian roles did not start well, Ishan Kishan scored 4 runs. Despite the risk, Rohit Sharma could only get 14. The great failure of Captain Virat Kohli led to the establishment of a Senate across India. He can only do 9 and Rishi Pant 12. And 70-5 players from India looted the wing.

In such a situation Hardak Pandya put in some effort but when he also knocked out 23 of 24 balls India lost 6 wickets for 94 balls. In the 19th century, even 100 could not be completed. India could score 110 for 7 wickets. Bolt took 3 wickets.

The question is where India stands after two failures. The answer is that after two T20 World Cup fiascos, now India has less time head-on, going forward and defeating New Zealand against Afghanistan, then the Afghan fiasco in the remaining matches of a team, massive success in the remaining matches will be required, then the net playback rate must be improved, all These things are a very difficult chapter at the same time, so 99% of the bags of the T20 World Cup 2021 are about the fact that

the ICC T-20 World Cup was found after the second consecutive defeat of India like density in anger heartbroken , Indians received explicit threats to Kohli Anushka Sharma and his wife, the wife of the Indian captain was threatened in such a way that it is not appropriate to mention here.

Muhammad Shami, an Indian Muslim player, was targeted for his loss to Pakistan in the first match, and today, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma were targeted for their loss to New Zealand.

Now let’s move on to the next possible T20 World Cup picture and see what India is left in Group 2.


‘s cricket team has won 3 matches, has 6 points, and almost reached the semi-finals. There are two games remaining from Scotland and Namibia, both wins will take him in terms of, even the successful will take it forward. As a result, Pakistan reached the semi-finals as the first team.

New Zealand

is the second candidate for the T20 World Cup semi-finals, so far, two points in two matches. Their matches are from Scotland, Namibia and Afghanistan. If all three matches are won, the semi-finals will be cooked with 8 points. If you lose, they will also be challenged by your net play rate.

New Zealand play Scotland on November 3rd in Dubai, Namibia on November 5th in Sharjah and Afghanistan on November 7th in Abu Dhabi.


has 4 points in 3 matches for this team. Its rivals are India and New Zealand. If they win the next two matches, they will be in the semi-finals. Even if they lose to India and beat New Zealand, the run rate will help him, if India lose to Hardy and New Zealand, one of the smaller New Zealand teams will have to expect defeat in which case they will not be able to beat India.

Afghanistan will play India in Abu Dhabi on November 3 and New Zealand on November 7 at the same stadium.


has no points in two games for this team. Its three matches remained from Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia. K’s chances will be low because his net run is bad but he could do well against a rather weak team, not much better.

India is scheduled to face Afghanistan on November 3, Scotland on November 5 and Namibia on November 8.

Kirk Agen predicted that

India’s chances of reaching the semi-finals were missed. New Zealand and Afghanistan are candidates. New Zealanders have 90% chances and Afghanistan only 10%. There is nothing incredible, because the team is the current state in

this two groups after beating England in Australia it is clear the world T20 2 The two teams are currently at the top. In the first group, England have 6 points from 3 games. Unbeatable.. In Group B, Pakistan has 6 points from 3 matches and they are undefeated.

By the way, many people think that the 2021 T20 World Cup final may be between Pakistan and England, so some old memories have been renewed.

Pakistan and England also played the final in the 1992 World Cup and Pakistan won, and another incident occurred in the match between Australia and England reminiscent of the 1992 World Cup.

Although Pakistan lost the match against India in the 92nd World Cup, one incident in this match is still remembered .

Kieran Murray was making so many appeals against Mian Dad that in such a situation, Mian Dad also imitated him and jumped and chanted outrageous slogans.

There was such a siege in Dubai today that Mian Dad is still remembered, the English batsman had completed the run and made a long jump over the Australian bowling so much that the eye of the camera saved him.

Leading cricket website Kirk Info has combined the latest photo with the old photo of Mian Dad and just wrote that Pakistan and England are at the top, Kirk Again has prepared the rest of the story here.

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