T20 World Cup, new position of teams, England and Pakistan on top

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In the T20 Cricket World Cup, Scotland forgot their trick of going to Super 12. It was thus decided that the Scottish team’s first-stage formula and system had been broken in Super 12.

Namibia won 4 wickets in Abu Dhabi, and Scotland scored 109 runs to 8 wickets Namibia won 6 wickets before 5 balls, and after this match the position of the teams in Group B remained as follows. They are in third place with 2 points. New Zealand and India are in 4th place with 5 points after having played one match each, and Scotland is in sixth place after two defeats. In this group, Pakistan and Scotland played 2.2 matches while the rest of the teams played one match each.

In the first group, England won for the second time in a row, and here is an interesting situation, as England took first place with 4 points after two wins in two matches, and South Africa came in second and third with two points from two matches. The situation in Bangladesh and the West Indies is devastating, there are no points in one or two matches, and this is the last.

It happened, and it wasn’t possible. Pakistan won the match, New Zealand was defeated, and the Rawalpindi Express was hit by a guard at the head office of State Television in Islamabad. Shoaib Akhtar resigned after the presenter insulted him. During the live show, Shoaib Akhtar got up and left, and the video clip later spread on social media, as a result of which Shoaib Akhtar issued a clarification statement between Tuesday and Wednesday at three in the morning.

Learn about the first incident that Shoaib Akhtar was associated with PTV for a long time as a cricket analyst. The World T20 board has also grown. Legendary star from West Indies Vivian Richards, David Goyer from England, Rashid Latif from Pakistan, Azhar Mahmood and Shuaib Akhtar are present.

Things got worse there when Shoaib Akhtar referred to Haris Raouf’s 4 wicket performance and mentioned Lahore Qalandars. Host Dr. Numan Niaz was not impressed. Qalandars may have been connected to a private channel. But Numan Niaz said that the discovery of the under-19 team. Shoaib Numan Niaz insisted he took a hard stance in this matter and insulted Shoaib Akhtar and asked him to leave the show, and Shoaib Akhtar tried to understand the matter and broke the matter.

Later, Shoaib Akhtar released his video statement that I don’t understand why Nouman did this in a live show on PTV. And during the break, I thought there were foreign stars. The accident happened on TV. Went. My virus will spread but I found a solution. I told Noaman to get rid of it. He also said it should be the same.

After the break, when the broadcast was on the air, I turned around and talked about the matter and asked Noaman on the air to apologize to me and refused, after which I felt insulted in front of foreign stars. Leave the bid and announce my resignation.

Shoaib Akhtar says this should not have happened, I condemn such a situation and say it should not have happened.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan cricket team has already started preparations for Friday’s match, as the training session was held on Wednesday, in which six players from the national team participated in the training session in Dubai, and also relieved Qader to play in the eleventh who played a match against New Zealand. In today’s session, the coach of the national cricket team, Thaqlin Mushtaq, will attend a virtual press conference tomorrow at 12 noon local time.

The national team will train at the ICC Academy tomorrow from 6-9pm.

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