T20 World Cup, explosive battle begins with upset, 6 matches scheduled today

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The first big upset of the 2021 International Cricket World Cup has already exploded on the first day. The top-ranked team of Bangladesh has already lost to Scotland by an astonishing six runs in the first round. Rounds were needed, and Bangladesh were up against a weaker team like Anhoni. Sure but then the need for 8 games on the last ball was sad. With this defeat, Saif’s exit from the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup began to overshadow Bangladesh.

The ICCT World Cup has started, the surprise is over, the top teams were happy to see the matches on TV, and they have to come onto the pitch today, October 18. Teams will participate, the Pakistani team is also included.

Coincidentally, Pakistan’s first warm-up match will be against defending champions West Indies. Pakistan can benefit from this match and a good performance will have a good impact on all the teams. The West Indies were declared the third favorite of this team. The event The match will start at 3 pm Pakistan time.

The team management is considering giving Shoaib Malek a chance in this match, and this will test his ability, along with estimating the strength of the strikes. Apart from this, all the other important players will be attending. Muhammad Nawaz, Waseem Junior, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Asif Ali will come out and can feed Shah Nawaz Dhani.

Today, October 18, there will be three more matches, and the first and second teams in the event, India and England, will meet at 7 pm in Dubai, and this match will also be important in its place, a kind of finalist.

The Afghan cricket team will play against South Africa, this match will also take place in Dubai and is also scheduled to start at 3 pm, similarly, the teams of Australia and New Zealand will be in the Dubai match at 7 pm. There will be 4 friendlies as well as two first round matches of the 2021 T20 World Cup.

There will be action, there will be drama, there will be fights and there will be an action packed cricket movie. Apart from this match, the cricket teams will have their last match on October 20, after which all the teams will be divided into two groups in Super 12. The T20 Cup also landed in Dubai after a virtual round-the-world trip. The latest photo of it. There will be

another Group A match today in the T20 World Cup. In Abu Dhabi, and the match that will start at 7 pm Pakistan time, will be between the former T20 world champions Sri Lanka and Namibia, and the Sri Lankan team is playing the first round and has won at least two matches from here, and it will be easy. Going forward, Bangladesh’s defeat in the second set alarmed Sri Lanka, though, and there would be some trepidation about that.

Namibia will face a South Asian team for the first time, so their experience will be less. This year has not been good for Sri Lanka either, so far they have lost 9 out of 12 international matches, the question is who will win the match The simple answer is that Sri Lanka, let’s say even if Sri Lanka lose today, then we think the T20 World Cup soccer tournament is run by ghosts.

What will happen on Monday, the second day of the ICCT 2021 World Cup? There will be only two matches on October 18th. This is the first match of the day. Group A match will be played, stage one, Ireland and the Netherlands will compete The match will be held in Abu Dhabi.. Ireland is the favorite and has a test condition.. it has a history.. but the question is is the Dutch team weak?

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