T20 World Cup 2021,Records, moments, most unique report,36 key points

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The ICC T20 World Cup is over. The first stage, the Super 12 stage, the knockout matches and then the final. 12 teams fight with 16 teams, then 4 fights and finally 2 fights for the title. Australia again. Unbeaten against the New Zealander. What happened in this event, what happened to the old. What happened to something that hasn’t happened before. What happened may not happen again in the future. Attempts have been made to compile a report that will be its own form in individuality. It will not leave any gaps in the details.

T20 World Cup 2021,records, moments, most unique report,36 key points.One of the biggest explosions at the start of the T20 World Cup. The Bangladesh team lost to Scotland. Don’t think of it as a surprise, but know the complete Super 12 chessboard change. I would have lived. Then there could have been some new surprises. Sri Lanka could have been in Group A and Bangladesh in Group B. With Scotland’s victory, Bangladesh could not top the points table. This group has become very dangerous. In the second Pakistani group, there were assistant teams from Scotland and Namibia as well as the new Afghanistan test team and the result was that there were no surprising results at this stage and then Namibia and this was the second surprise, defeating Bangladesh, changing the group, expelling Ireland and entering Namibia 4 new things.

The fifth important thing was the resounding start for the West Indies champion, when they went out for only 55 in the opening game against England, that was the start, and it ended the same way.

The sixth important thing was the resounding start for the title holders West Indies, when they were knocked out for only 55 against England in the opening game, that was the beginning, and it was the end.

The seventh most important story was to turn the pages of the long history of the Pakistan-India match. Pakistan managed to subdue India for the first time after 5 defeats in the history of the T20 World Cup. The eighth thing is that now every year two of them will face each other at the ICC event. Next year there will be a battle in the T20 World Cup. World Cup 2023, World Cup 2024, the two will face each other in the 2025 Champions Cup, T20 World Cup 2026, World Cup 2027, World Cup 2028, Champions Cup 2029, 2030 T20 World Cup and 2031.

The T20 World Cup International Cricket Tournament was held. 2021 in the United Arab Emirates, without slow rain in the stadiums. As a result, Jose Butler’s English horn against Sri Lanka was the only three innings. When India scored 2010 against Afghanistan for 2 wickets. Hassan Ali became the most unpopular player, and the only player to throw two sets in this event was the most expensive.

Now the thirteenth thing is that the best scorer of the event is led by Babar Azam with 303 runs, 4 half centuries, and it was mentioned in a separate report. Click on the link below.

Now let’s talk about the fifteenth thing. Magic strike, six before it flashed. Pakistani Asif Ali first played a trailer against New Zealand, and Pakistan won. He put a losing match in his pocket. Asif Ali is now a hero. He was in the grip of criticism for a year. This is what Australian Matthew Wade did against Pakistan Basir Shaheen Afridi in the semi-finals.

The destination of Pakistan remained but in the first period, Rohit Sharma was highlighted by Shaheen Shah Afridi and Australian Aaron Finch, and these are the golden moments of the World Cup.

Afghanistan and Pakistan showed great courage, and the win of the draw in this event was a sign of the victory of that field match first, comfortably winning. Afghanistan won the draw against Pakistan and instead of involving Pakistan first hit Scotland and Namibia and later won the matches by bowling, they made the decision on their own which was bold.

Events like hat tricks, historical spells, point balls, fastest half centuries on 18 balls, first ball, etc., were pretty good. She managed to score 130 less than the average in 7 games. Despite this, luck was on his side to win 6 out of 7 matches, first participated, and then hit the goal in front of him, won matches, defeating England unique. The first question after winning the lottery, and after that he chose the question was how coincidentally winning 6 out of 7 matches?

Martin Gopetil 7 innings or 13 sixes in the event Jose Butler, Babar, Redouane’s big contribution with 152 runs, Matthew Wade 13 wickets as wicket-keeper, 1950s Malik and Rahul on 18 balls are the things that came out on top. It is always found. Will the question ever arise that the captain wins 6 out of 7 throws, luck is so kind to him, and the same fate befalls him so much at the same time that he never scores more than 130 in 7 runs. What a great way to spoil people and get their day done.

The number of instrument matches in the 2021 ICCT World Cup reached 45. With the participation of 16 countries, 12,162 were recorded as a result of losing 526 wickets.

Bravo’s career in the West Indies ended with this event. It’s over for Chris Gale, and he still wants a farewell match in his home country, Jamaica.

David Warner of Australia has been declared the best player of the tournament, although his score is 289 and Babar Azam of Pakistan 303. This is also under discussion.

Pakistan was the only team unbeaten in this event until it reached the semi-finals, before the start India was first, England second, West Indies third, New Zealand fourth, Australia fifth..

It so happened every time that the favorite team never managed to become the world champion. More than twenty of these things should not be forgotten.

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