T20 World Cup 2021 kicks off Today

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Today the T20 World Cup 2021 kicks off, there will be rain from boxes and jackets in the desert, there will be two deer, there will be less thunder and lightning, so there will be no more opportunities to hunt.

The moment of the T20 Cricket World Cup has come, as the T20 World Cup Festival will start today October 17, 2021 with two matches, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman are joint candidates for the first round. Incidentally, Oman hosts the first match. You will play, and you will face Papua New Guinea, and this match will start at 3 pm Pakistan time, and this will be the first match in the second round of Group Two.

Immediately after that, another match will start at seven in the evening, and it will be between the teams of Group A, Bangladesh and Scotland, and there is great interest in this match in Al Amerat. Scotland won the warm-up matches and Bangladesh lost. The team will be under pressure, and tough competition can be expected.

The important thing for Bangladesh is that their record in the T20 World Cup is bad, out of 25 they have won only five times, there can be a little pressure.

After the first round of the FIFA T20 World Cup, the Super 12 Heavyweight League will start on October 23. The Super 12 will include two groups, and they have been given Group 1 and2 status.

GroupGroup One includes Australia, England, the West Indies and South Africa.

The second group includes Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Afghanistan.

In these two groups, 2 teams must play 2 first round matches, and the way to do that is to first understand how many teams are in the first round and how.

8 teams will participate in the first round, they are also placed in 2 groups and have been awarded the Group A and Group B titles.

The first group includes Sri Lanka, Ireland, Namibia and the Netherlands.

Group B includes Bangladesh, Oman, Scotland and Papua New Guinea.

Where and how will the two best teams in this group go, first find out that the team of each group will play one match with each other, so each team will get 3.3 matches. In the end, the two best teams from each group. He’s going to Super 12. The

important question is whether one or both of them from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can get out. The answer is that they can lose at least 3 or 2 of their matches. It will be a little difficult. The second question is who will be in Group 2 Pakistan.

Simply put, the winner of Group A and the second team of Group B must go to Group 1, the winner of Group B and the second team from Group A must go to Group 2.

As the 2021 T20 World Cup kicks off today October 17, the most important preliminary matches for the eight teams will begin The first is tomorrow, October 18th. 8 teams will play 2, 2 matches and end on October 20th. Pakistan cricket team won two matches, both good teams from West Indies and South Africa. Pakistan will play in the West Indies in Dubai on October 18th. The match will start at 3 pm, at the same time Afghanistan and South Africa will compete in Abu Dhabi. India and England will play in Dubai at 7pm, while New Zealand and Australia will play in Abu Dhabi at the same time.

Then after a one-day break, on October 20, India and Australia will play in Dubai, England and New Zealand in Abu Dhabi at 3 pm, Pakistan and South Africa in Abu Dhabi at 7 pm, and Afghanistan and South Africa in Dubai. At the same time, practice matches will end.

The question is which Pakistan team will play in these two training matches. Their strength is usually tested by playing the following matches. Sometimes the head prize is also reserved for the opposing team. Pakistan believes 99% of the players will do so. They are the same players who will play the first match against India on October 24

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