T 20 World Cup 2021,Pakistan face South Africa Today,Bangladesh still alive but behind

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The 2021 ICCT20 World Cup matches will take place today, 20 October. The two best teams in the group will face each other, one of them should become the first and then the last two matches to make the first and second positions more visible. Ireland and Sri Lanka will meet in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday at 7pm. The two previously played the T20 match in the 2009 World Cup, which Sri Lanka won by 9 runs. There are 2.2 points, Sri Lanka is ahead in the net series rate.

Today’s match for the same group will be played between Holland and Namibia on the same stadium, this match will start at three in the afternoon, both teams lost by chance, and he will.

The Pakistan cricket team plays its second and final training match of the T20 World Cup on Wednesday, October 20. Road, all T20 matches of the national team in this year’s tour of the West Indies were marred by rain, the only match was in favor of Pakistan, perhaps showed psychological superiority. Earlier this year Pakistan won the T20 Series against Proteas at both places, we should see this win in the match against South Africa today.

It is possible that the players for the first match of the national team will be included, one of Shah Nawaz Dhani’s ideas is that he should be brought in to replace Rauf’s goalkeeper, and it is also possible that he will appear on the field as a surprise. Against India, the camp still protects them from the scorching sun, and the Pakistan match will start at 7pm, so you’ll also get practice for a night match.

The teams of Afghanistan and West Indies will be in a match in Dubai at seven in the evening, where the Afghan team lost to South Africa and the West Indies to Pakistan in the first match, and today Afghanistan has an opportunity to make the headlines.

Earlier in the day, two warm-up matches were scheduled, where England and New Zealand will compete in Dubai at 3 pm, and these two teams lost their first match.

Similarly, another match is taking place at the same time between India and Australia at 3 o’clock, and by chance these two teams did not lose in their first match, so the question will be who among them will enjoy defeat today, Ghaleb Ho. The Australians would most likely lose

, as if the semi-finals of a huge event were underway. It was the final of the ICC World T20. Bangladesh has won 27 rounds and is still a candidate for the next round.

The confidence with which Oman chased the goal of 154 throws created a wave of excitement in the Bangladesh camp. Prajapati brought the score to 47, and it was only 5 times of the match, here Kashab made 21 runs and fell victim to Mustafa. Several catches were also dropped from Bangladeshi field players, and scores were scored.

Bangladesh’s third victory came in 81 when captain Zeeshan Maqsood scored 12 goals, and Mehdi Hassan grabbed Mustafa Rahman. Gitinder, who played the roles, hit four, four and six. The match ended in 13 shows. He had to score 64 points from 42 balls. The Omani team did not have the experience they needed, so the Bangladeshi bowlers threw the next 15 balls, and scored the fifth victory by giving only 11 runs, Sandeep Judd also scored his fifth victory with 101 points, and lost 4 runs. 8 balls.

50 throws in the last 24 balls seemed difficult and due to this pressure the Oman camp became more depressed and lost 2 more wickets up and down. Shakib Al Hassan took 2 wickets on 2 balls in a row.

The Bangladeshi bowlers secured their victory by hitting another 2 wickets, while bringing joy to the Bangladeshi fans on the ground, and reviving the dry blood of the people of their country. Team Oman 127 against 9 in 20. 27 runs.

Mustaphazor Rahman made a huge difference in Bangladesh, with Basir taking 4 wickets for 36 throws in 4 times, while Shakib Al-Hassan didn’t hold back on his all-around magic.

Earlier, Bangladesh captain Mahmudullah won the toss and was elected to bat first. Shakib Al-Hassan 42 and 64 Muhammad Nain helped Bangladesh win the lottery. The entire team has been thrown for 153 after playing 20 times. Bilal Khan (18) and Fiyaz Butt (30) were bowling hits with 3.3 wickets each.

Scotland qualified for the Super 12 by winning two matches in Group B in the first round of the T20 World Cup. Bangladesh paved its way after this win and now has 2.2 points In the matches Oman will face Scotland and Bangladesh will face Papua New Jenny If Oman loses and Bangladesh wins then Bangladesh will go ahead If both teams win the decision will be based on net run rate and you will be out .

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