Sri Lanka Got Super 12 Ticket,Bangladesh in line,Pakistan Shocking lost by South Africa

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Sri Lanka claimed their early lead in the ICC World T20 Championship, and in the first round of the Group A match, they beat Ireland with 70 Runs to qualify for the Super 12, the super that the 12-man group will get. A place will be decided in the upcoming matches but it is believed she will have to fight against England and Australia in Group A as expected.

T20 World Cup, Bangladesh in or out, decision today, Oman gets a huge advantage again. Today is the most important day of the T20 Cricket World Cup, the fate of Bangladesh will be decided on Thursday 21 October 2021 and the important thing is the last two matches of Group B of the first stage have been decided so that nothing is left in the hands of Bangladesh after the match, I have a schedule.

The last two matches of Group B are held on Thursday, three in the afternoon, there is a weak team against Bangladesh called Baba Niugini, and they have lost both matches so far, they are two favorites, one to win and one to lose. With Bangladesh as the favourites, Papa New Jenny has a chance to beat Bangladesh, then wait for the net run rate.

Neither team has an international record, but as a co-team, Papua New Guinea beat Bangladesh in the ICC Cup in 1982 and defeated Bangladesh over Papua New Guinea in 1996. It is a match that Bangladesh will have to wait for the result of Syria despite the win. , in this case scotland wins and bangladesh will come with it, if oman wins, then oman, scotland and bangladesh will equal 4.4 Runs, two teams decide the net run to par, in bangladesh now down to oman, suppose there is a golden chance for bangladesh and then oman lost the next match will be eligible , So Hergiy is much better than NRR

Baking Kirk again

ICC World T20 Cup 2021 matches are over, another result from Dubai on Wednesday night that shocked the world, defending champion West Indies was bad. Defeated by the Afghan cricket team, this despite being in the Super 12, the West Indies were not the favorites in the Super 12 despite winning the title of defending champion. He was also defeated by his poor performance in the past three years.

In Dubai, Afghanistan took the first hit and threw the ball poorly, scoring 189 goals for five goals, and the two Fattahs Heshmatullah Zazai and Muhammad Shahzad played 56 and 54 runs respectively, and both scored 90 Runs in less than 9 Overs, and Rahmatullah also contributed 33 runs .

After losing 3 to 27 in the return rounds, the West Indies team went on to save only wickets. Ranzbanana forgot to do so. 5 players returned to the winger with 133 Runs. Ruston Chase scored 54 runs from 58 balls. Nicholas Buran played 26 balls for 35 runs.

Afghan captain Muhammad Nabi bowled 4 overs,were 2 madins,gave just 2 runs and get 3 wickets, such as Rashid Khan gave only 14 runs,Caribbean failled against spen.

tied to the yst Indies winning team in the second warm-up match, South Africa lost 6 wickets after an exciting competition.It was a talk The city is about poor bowling and poor fielding for the green hats. The justification ends, too. Proteas have turned the game over the last 3 to 5 times.

In Dubai, Pakistan scored 186 goals against 6 in the first half. The highlight of the innings was Fakhr Zaman’s return to the level, where he scored 52 of 28 balls, five of which were six. Asif Ali scored 32 of 18 balls. Shoaib Malik scored 28 balls 20, Radwan 19, Babar Azam 15, Hafeez 13. Kijisu Rabada took 3 wickets for 28 runs.

In response, Proteas’ innings did not start well, the team that lost 2 wickets in 15 got a partnership of 107 for the third wicket. Captain Timba Puma scored 46 throws, South Africa scored 186 on 190 on the last ball and won the match by 6 wickets, thus the Proteas team in the warm-up matches, remained invincible with India.

For Pakistan, Imad Waseem and Shaheen Shah threw 2.2 but goalkeeper Rauf and Hassan Ali shot well, both scored 85 throws in 7 points,

Afghanistan won the match by 56 rounds.

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