Scotland ahead, new lineup of World T20 Cup Super 12

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Scotland team up with Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup there will be Afghanistan, Scotland and Ireland, while the first group of the Super 12 will have names such as Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. According to the report, Pakistan and Sri Lanka should go to the group from England, but Scotland did not allow the group stage of Super 12 to remain the same with new offers. What will be the stage of placing a group of Super 12?

With its success, Scotland topped the group stage with 6 points, Bangladesh moved to second place with 4 points, Baba New Jenny went out without credit, and Oman went out with two points. To go to the second group of Super 12 and the second team of the same group, Bangladesh, took a place in the first group of Super 12.

Before the start of the event, the first team of Bangladesh had to go to the second group of the super 12 from here. Now it has been replaced by Scotland, so Scotland will come into Group B, with Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Afghanistan. are present. The sixth team will be Group A to be decided from tomorrow’s matches. From there, Ireland has opportunities. It can be said that the Pakistan group has become easier. I have to go, as there are test countries like Australia, England, South Africa and the West Indies. This is a prepared thing.

The first stage is almost over and now the decisive round is about to begin. Former Pakistan national team captain Inzaam Al-Haq has chosen India as the best team in Asia for the T20 World Cup. In the preliminary matches, India has proven that in this case, the chances of India to become champion in these stadiums are great.

The former national team chief says that as the event progresses, the spinners will be helped, with Ashwin and Jadeja playing the good spinners, and playing the Indian spinners well.

Inzamam says in his commentary on the India-Pakistan match on October 24 that there is a final semi-final, such enthusiasm will not exist in any other match, no matter which team wins this match, his morale will be high, on the winning team. Sia unit pressure will be over, India’s weight is heavy anyway. They also have a lot of experience. I think the Pakistani team is also a good team, so we will see a good competition. This is Virat Kohli’s captain. It will be the last event, so he is the favourites, all his players have played in the IPL, and their players know what the stadiums look like.

Inzamam says India definitely has a favourite. Obviously this team is good but they can get upset. Looking at the previous record, India can be called the best team. India on the bench strong.

The first round of the T20 International Cricket World Cup ended in a draw. After five days of exciting and exciting drama, two things happened. We got close,] he barely saved all over but contrary to expectations he didn’t get first place in the table of 4 weak teams.

In the last Group B match on Thursday, Scotland won Oman by 8 wickets after a one-sided competition, where they easily completed the goal of 123 runs on the wicket. Keser played innings from 41 runs while Matthew Cross scored 26 and Richie Burrington scored 31 undefeated passes, thus the goal was achieved by 18 balls.

Oman Aqib Elias opened 37 goals and captain Zeeshan Maksoud 34. Eight players could not reach the two numbers, Josh Dewey took three wickets in 25 runs.

In the first match of the day, Bangladesh defeated Papua New Jenny by a large margin after a one-sided competition and confirmed their place in the Super 12. The net run rate did not affect the outcome of this last match. The difference is that his entry into the Super 12 was not done in a dignified manner. Scotland took its place.

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