Ramiz Raja is also following Imran Khan, U-turn on Pakistan World T 20 Team

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Everything works in Pakistani cricket. Morning talk is forgotten until the evening, and evening talk is forgotten until the morning. There are colors that come and go in many colors of the intellect. The same players were included in the national team who failed for 18 months. They were coming. It was as if the wind was blowing. Everything blew up.The change of national team for the T20 World Cup is the turn of the new PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja or the need for an hour. I wonder why there is so much talk about this team. There is a lot of criticism. I think this team is good.

In less than a month now, everything has changed. 3 changes were made in the team. There is no precedent for such a campaign.Inzam-ul-Haq categorically called Sarfraz’s proposal to the media. He washed the PCB and showed the large mirror to many. I think the choice of Sarfraz Ahmed for the 2020 T20 World Cup is wrong. wish The downside is that he has to miss.

The former cricketers still have reservations about the changes that took place in the T20 World Cup in Pakistan on Friday. They took off their clothes. In 3 sentences they revealed the secrets, the observers are well aware of that.Inzam-ul-Haq asked Sarfraz Ahmed about his Slection and why he was involved. When he has not been fed for 2 years, why was he included in the team? There is no question of feeding him yet. How can he feed? I do not understand why Sarfraz Ahmed was chosen. All this was the pressure of the media. The PCB should not be under pressure. How many opportunities did he have? former Pakistani captain on the bench. Why was he fired? If he was fired earlier, why is he being held now?

The other thing is that when you go to a big event like all the names, the middle Ordes fails. The same boys were the first, they failed for 18 months. Sharjil continued to play well in the top Orde, Shoaib Malik continued to play well in mid, he did not think about either. If you scored 88, how did you play? Is there a sufficient answer?

Pakistan changed the World T20 team, the old mistake was repeated. There is still a problem. There should have been more players. How to make a choice out of your own mind, the need for a team is obvious.It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. T20 players need to be such that when they run, the team wins. If Shoaib Malik and Sharjeel were there, everything would be fine: Think for a moment. Sit down and think about who should play and who should not. This is all wrong.

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