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After the immediate denial of England’s visit to Pakistan, Chairman PCB Rameez Raja’s tweet was useless. Late last night, he released a video message of his own. First of all, let’s see what he said in it. It was not unexpected for me but it was in line with expectations. These Western blocs come together to back each other. They go out in name. New Zealand made the same excuse and went out quietly. It did not share any information.

Rameez Raja further said that what is all this. Our security agencies are the best in the world. Don’t share with them and leave quietly. This is wrong. Similarly this action of England was expected. They overdo it. They do the best hosting. They give everything. In response we get all this. When we go to them, they do it with us in quarantine which is not stated. There is a lesson in it and What is the lesson

Rameez Raja has said that the lesson is that now we will do the same as we are doing. Our interest is that cricket is not a member in Pakistan. If the cricket community does not help each other in difficulties, then everything. It will get worse. West Indies team may not visit Pakistan now. Similarly, Australia is already on the prowl. All this is going wrong. They will not come to Pakistan either. This whole block is the same. Who should we complain to? They are no longer ours. They look for excuses. Sometimes they use excuses for security, sometimes they use fatigue. If our cricket team was number one, they would never have refused. Economy would have been good, this day would not have happened. Make yourself better. Make your performance better. If England and Australia have not changed their travel advisory then this is all an excuse. We thought they would come. Cricket culture of both the countries is one.

Rameez Raja has revealed that I had asked the ECB chairman to look a little higher. It was better to make a decision but he did not do it. Don’t expect anything. Second, the correspondence against New Zealand has started, we will get financial compensation and I will show it. Pakistan cricket team and fans should vent their anger in a good way. Change the mindset. Revenge the victory. We had options, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh were ready to come but we don’t want to make any hasty decisions.

This was Rameez Raja’s reaction. The bottom line is that he is helpless in front of England. He is raising hopes of taking money from New Zealand. Both things are not going to restore Pakistan’s honor. There is no sentence that accurately expresses the sentiments of the Pakistani people. Rameez Raja was not commenting. He was not commenting. Rameez has to get out of this phase. Otherwise the world will laugh. He should have said that he would work with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the earliest to come up with a tough strategy so that the world would wait to see what would happen to Pakistan.

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