PCb,s aggression,England delayed,New zeland also changed

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England Tour of pakistan 2021

 Imran Usmani’s special analysis


Wasim Khan, who is also PCB chief and has worked hard for Pakistani cricket, has no doubt said that our problem is that New Zekand does not tell us the details of the safety warning For New Zealand, why not This is a mutual series. We’ve been working on it for a year. We have made it all possible together. Security team has shared everything for 4 months. They have exchanged information on such an important issue. What silence or what kind of secret. If the lives of the Kiwis are important, then Pakistanis are also important. Details must be shared. Wasim Khan had also said that this decision from New Zealand would set a dangerous precedent.

dramatic change

hasPakistan’s cricket has on holiday. The busiest and most tumultuous day has passed. Much has changed since the press conference with PCB CEO Wasim Khan. There may have been some change in the goods. In Actually, this is our analysis, the idea, or the illusion of the past. Let’s look at the situation.

God knows

there is a lot hidden in this sentence. Pakistan Cricket Team Series may end on the basis of its own information during One of the meanings of this is also. There is a kind of threat in it for the Kiwis, it was necessary to understand it. Then it was understood.

The second color of New Zealand cricket

After this press conference, a press release was issued from New Zealand, where it was supposed to be at midnight. The language was different. The first thing is that the canceled series will be scheduled. When do we visit Pakistan? It would be too early to say this. Now read these sentences carefully so we will rearrange the canceled series. Who asked you to restructure? They will remove the damage. It must be done. When the trip then takes place, it has been postponed by saying that it is premature. I did not deny, why did not I? If they are ready to plan, then Pakistan must come. Because what PCB had said.

When will Zealand to Pakistan take place?

the trip to NewAfter the tour of England, the Kiwi team also became supportive to come to Pakistan, and for this they spent 3 to 5 days in Pakistan in December and returned here after playing 3 T20 matches. Land is going to India and after graduation from there he will have a few days.

The Neutral Venue Out

Pakistan Cricket Board had made it clear that the home series would be held in Pakistan. Get rid of the idea of ​​traveling abroad. How has this software changed? Let’s move on to England before moving on.

Why the delay in England’s decision, the

plan was probably that England should also complete the tour of Pakistan in 24 to 48 hours, so why it has been postponed for 72 hours. The match series is played in Dubai and he will agree. When he was told about PCB’s new position, the story was reversed. This will clearly mean that we will not play again. If this is taken out, it will be a big blow for English cricket. It may take another day for the ECB to consider it. What are the possible decisions in these circumstances?

will visit Pakistan or not,

Regardless of England England Cricket Board announces a visit to Pakistan and there may be some changes in the plan. There will be a big change in the schedule. The team lands in Pakistan for a match and goes to Dubai after playing. Everything will happen that the English team lands from Dubai to Dubai. Catch a flight from Dubai to Karachi or Islamabad and spend the night after playing the match. Return the next day after playing the second match. The bad thing is that teams do not come from Surrey and then wait for the boycott of Pakistan until the English team does not come to Pakistan to play the whole series next year.

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