PCB Chief Wasim Khan resigned,We did not even come to say goodbye

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 There is still a lot to be done, the PCB needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Key figures like former Captain Inzamam-ul-Haq and former Fast Bowler Shoaib Akhtar have often advised that until then, until the PCB bureaucracy is broken, such resignations or changes are meaningless.

The process of change in the Pakistan Cricket Board is almost complete, which is now what remains. Everybody knows. It was from former PCB chairman Ehsan Mani. As he left, an artillery-like problem arose with Wasim Khan. PCB boss Wasim Khan was also dissatisfied with the Pakistani media and the media were angry with him, clapping both hands, rings, so it would be wrong to form a final negative opinion on a neutral basis.

Wasim Khan resigned as PCB chief on Wednesday September 29, 2021 Khan, a Pakistani citizen, came here to love the country and do many new things in cricket. What was that? How much was it Why? who called her. He was present in one form or another. Some sections of our national media greeted him as if an enemy had invaded Pakistan cricket. It was natural for Wasim Khan to respond. Javed Mian Dad made up for the deficit, however. Wasim Khan has been at the forefront of bringing international cricket to Pakistan, including a mission to reshape Pakistan’s domestic cricket system.

When the reappointment of Ehsan Mani was not possible, the future of Wasim Khan looked bleak: If the teams from New Zealand and England had visited Pakistan, this time might not have come so quickly and Wasim Khan would have spent the remaining 4 months. Apparently, it was reported that Wasim Khan resigned due to lack of authority.

What Wasim Khan did for Pakistan Cricket, how he did it and how well he did it, it will be very hard for everyone to appreciate it, but it will be criticized from all sides, there will be the longest articles, it will make little jokes “There will also be satire and commentary full of moral humiliation. Is this right for those who leave? Head coach Misbah-ul-Haq and bowling coach Waqar Younis also left. Was that much hatred shown for them too?”

If Wasim Khan was so unpopular, so bad for Pakistan cricket, if he was the main character of all the destruction, then the question is that those who brought him became even bigger criminals than he did to aid him and even those who who played a role in one way or another they were more wrong than them, how can they be forgotten?

Our tragedy is that we didn’t come to welcome anyone and not say goodbye. This is Wasim Khan, who sat in England a few months ago and said that my whole family doesn’t bother to see and hear things like that. If they don’t complain like that every day, would that be appropriate?

PCB chairman Rameez Raja has said goodbye to Wasim Khan by paying tribute, recognizing his leadership skills, the constitution is the same, and the method is the same. We should say goodbye to Wasim Khan in a good way. It is possible that the intention of what he wants to work with is correct, sooner or later there will be no further results and it is also possible that he has been with PCB for decades, he could have been trapped by a lobby, otherwise he would have something could be Wasim Khan’s personal agenda.

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