Pakistan Vs England,old reply in new envelope,pakistani media also failed against PCB

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Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi received England Raply.

  The cancellation of the Pakistan tour was done by the English Cricket Board, and the government has no hand in that, so what will the government do now, it was said that the government will review the matter.

This is what We wrote again, I think the talk on this occasion was weight loss, so what came out of it? Shah Mahmood Qureshi will say he believes the British government was not behind this decision. This is very simple. Thing.

The patience gauge from the Indian Cricket Board was answered, the Pakistan Cricket Board started to clean up, and its secretary called PCB President Ramiz Raja, expressing his best wishes.

Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) Secretary Jay Shah on Wednesday contacted the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

He also congratulated Ramiz Raja on his assumption of the board’s presidency, saying that the Indian Cricket Board congratulates him on his appointment and wishes him well.

The World Twenty20 tournament is set to start on October 17 and now the date for Pakistan’s departure has emerged as well. According to the report, the Pakistan cricket team is scheduled to leave for the UAE on October 14 and the training schedule starts from October 16. As per England’s previous round schedule, their matches in Pakistan were scheduled for October 14-15. Now, for a while, consider the schedule of departure from Pakistan and also the question of the tour from England to Pakistan, the previous schedule. Also, in such a case, what could be the purpose of such confirmation of Pakistan by the British government.

Now consider that every country has started to clean up Pakistan one by one, while the Pakistan World Cup departure schedule is also coming to the fore. If he goes to the Emirates, is it possible to play two games against England before that?

The media war on the Pakistan Cricket Board has ended, and the names of the players expected to change the World Cup squad have appeared from some quarters.

According to information from Islamabad on Tuesday night, the head of teams briefly spoke to the players, encouraged them and said they should not pay attention to left-to-right news, nothing like that is happening here. No World Cup experiences.

We understand that some players in the T20 National Cup squad failed in the T20 National Cup, they are under heavy pressure, and the media experience from above is on the rise. It was a misrepresented attempt.

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