Pakistan lost, Australia won, the trip finished in the semi-final Of ICC T20 World Cup,Why does it happen

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Pakistan lost, Australia won, the trip finished in the semi-finals of another ICCT20 World Cup, winning or losing is part of the game, but when things go wrong on the sidelines, questions arise.

First of all, consider the match, and how slowly the strikes are executed while hitting first. The 19th part was kept up to 3 runs, and why it happened. The entire hitting streak was left, what was to be feared. errors. No, there was a line of errors reduced 20 to 25 degrees.

Then half of Team Australia returned to the wing at the age of 96, Stephen Smith, neither David Warner, Aaron Finch nor Glenn Maxwell, now the most failed batsmen in the event are Matthew Wade and Marcus Stephens.

On what basis was Hassan Ali selected in all six matches, what are they? Shah Nawaz Dhani was present in the backup plan, why was he not brought. But he had to complete 4 times, the question is why? Why is it not used correctly?

To go forward, 3-4 times run out on the field, 2 Musk was dropped, in this he was caught on the most important occasion, the landing was also Hassan Ali. Why do you lose important knockout matches like this? Is this a computer tablet? Thats all about it.

The question would also be that after taking 5 wickets at 96, the next 5 wickets will be blown within 30. There are only one or two, and the rest is up to the directors.

During the day the news is published, if Pakistan reaches the final, then Prime Minister Imran Khan will go to Dubai to watch the final. Whoever issued this news or these instructions, what is the purpose or necessity, wait a few hours until the final.

This is how then-Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on the eve of the 2011 World Cup that players should not try to gamble, they are under secret surveillance, prisons will be filled, etc. etc. Then everyone saw. What happened in the semi-finals of the same World Cup and what happened, what is the scenario. The captain was unaware, some of the alleged players acted as characters, what was later granted, this story is untrue. The 1999 World Cup Final is a fact.

There is another great story. After losing the 2011 World Cup semi-final against India, the media here reported that we love you, and it only got worse.

It is reported that Javed Mian Dad beat Chetan Sharma with six goals in the 1987 Sharjah Cup, as a result of which his career ended and he did not get any medal there, it happens only in Pakistan.

Now the losers of the T20 World Cup semi-finals, here again the same Ragalaba happens whether you win or lose, we love you. I won 5 matches. Former cricketers talking on TV. PCB President Ramiz Raja is also proud of this is the latest statement. Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that I know how you feel at the moment, I’ve also been through such a situation and I’m proud of such a great situation.

First of all, remember what the Pakistani team did in this event, winning the match against India was only a big and clear victory, and then the two matches against New Zealand and Afghanistan almost lost, and this victory was a coincidence. But these victories were a coincidence. Subsequently, the two matches against Scotland and Namibia were from two minor sides. So what was the victory of the other teams except India? Was such a win to happen? The 134-game goal against New Zealand wouldn’t have become a penalty? Now Australia was ahead, it was a big match like the semi-finals. It was full of errors. There was a load of failed bowlers like Hassan Ali if so, which team to be proud of. What kind of mud program is underway, the team that couldn’t reach the final on the UAE’s favorite wicket, will play the final in Australia next year?

Everything happens here. Play better than India. beat India etc. Is this cricket? Should you be proud of it?

Sometimes there seems to be a way out, with Australia unanimously declaring the series finale in Pakistan ahead of this mega-show, and the Land Board also accidentally announcing their series in Pakistan.

These are all coincidences that happen suddenly for example in the semi-finals of the event hawkers were defeated from India and Australia and the announcements of the rest of the series is also a coincidence.

It is not a coincidence that it is not just an accident that Pakistan has never won a semi-final match or a knockout event from a huge event. do not accept that. Why does it happen?

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