Pakistan in the T20 World Cup semi-finals, why India today in fear of Afghanistan

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T20 World Cup, two matches today, tough match at night, all of India is in fear. The 2021 ICCT World Cup remains the most important day today. Wednesday, November 2, matches for November 2 are scheduled. The first match between New Zealand and Scott. The match between the two countries will be played in Dubai. This match in Group B is so important that India wants something to happen and Scotland beat New Zealand. It’s very difficult but let’s say if it does, 20 show, which starts in 1 minute, will turn into a big show.

The second match will take place tonight at 7 pm in Abu Dhabi and this match is between Afghanistan and India. If they go they will be number 2, then if they win at night, their second place will be reclaimed. Suppose that if New Zealand loses, and Afghanistan will see the semi-finals only one step away, it will be enough to beat India. In the same way, India will see its future better in the form of defeating the kiwi. You will also try to win as much as possible, and so this match turns into a big show.

India has lost to Pakistan and New Zealand so far. And he has limited chances to come back. He will have to beat not only Afghanistan but also Scotland and Namibia today and beat them by a better margin. It should improve the net playback rate, which is very difficult.

India wins, then wins and then wins, then New Zealand loses to Afghanistan, the worst loser, there is no hope for that, this level is possible, it is in difficulty while at that time the direct way is that Afghanistan is India. The match between New Zealand and Afghanistan will be the quarter-finals, and both teams have a fair estimate of their position, so a good match is expected.

According to Kirk Again Search, India can win the lottery and field first, and it will try to improve its net run rate by finishing the match early by putting Afghanistan in a total under 100. The Indian people and analysts are terrified. While India should not lose to Afghanistan, several former Pakistani cricketers said that the Indian team will face Afghanistan.

Pakistan has reached the semi-finals of the T20 FIFA World Cup, which is the first place in Group B. It has been officially confirmed. Pakistan will advance to the semi-finals as the top team in the group, where they are expected to face either South Africa or Australia, but the West Indies will likely have a very slim chance. The decision will be made a few years later. Group 1 matches.

The Green Berets won 45 rounds at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. Pakistan captain Babar Azam won the lottery and was elected to participate in the stadium. And in the event of a win, he planned the first batting practice, but did not make any change in the eleventh play and surprised everyone.

Namibia must have upset Pakistan with the opening portion of bowling when the score was too low after the break. With the new pitch and the new ball, Namibian bowlers upset Pakistani openers Muhammad Rizwan and Babar Azam, which is why at the end of the 15th inning, when the opening partnership was broken, the score was 113. The first wicket fell on Babar Azam, and he scored 70 of 49 balls with the help of 7 fours Balls, there were only 122 points.

When new batsman Mohammed Hafeez came in, Radwan charged with him as well, then both charged such a stick that over 60 hits were made in the next four times, including 24 valuable points that Radwan scored last time. Hafeez hit 39 off 16 balls undefeated with the help of 4 six balls and 8 off 50 ball runs.

In response, Namibia’s first wicket went down to 8 but nevertheless Stephen Bard and Craig Williams tied well and took the score to 55. Pakistan got the second victory for Stephen Bard who scored 29 points and unfortunately ran out. He bowled as easy as he could get, but on some occasions he tried too hard to compete, and due to the increase in running rate, winning became impossible for him.

 With captain Aramos 15 and racket Craig Williams 40, Namibia conceded defeat, and 20 official matches had to be completed. Out.. This is his fourth consecutive win in the current event, and it will not affect the position.

Hassan Ali scored 22 runs in the Green Cup, Haris Raouf scored 25 runs, and Shadab Khan scored 35 runs. 

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