Pakistan files case against England,New zealand in ICC,story start with Manchester Test

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) knocked on the door of the International Criminal Court. A formal complaint was filed against New Zealand and England. Not only that, it has tarnished the country’s image. The Kiwi board canceled the Pakistan tour at the same moment as the day of the match, the team had been training independently in Rawalpindi for several days, and canceling the tour without notification was a violation of ICC rules, as was the rules of the duo series. Not only that, but all kinds of performances were given to celebrate New Zealand.

Presidential security was provided. In the same way he was offered every possible offer in which no one around the land and its apartment hotel was asked to enter. However, the New Zealanders finished the tour, it was another matter, PCB lost millions of dollars, I also filed a lawsuit and said the case should be looked into immediately.

Similarly, a separate case was prepared against the England Cricket Board and it was argued that the basis on which England had ended the tour did not make sense. According to the PCB, the Council of England were even told they sent your second tier team. This was also denied by the European Central Bank, and this was also described as political, and the reason for the strange story and large reparations was also asked here.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has also come up with an integrated plan that will be presented at the ICC’s board meeting in November. It is also learned that Pakistan Cricket Board has also obtained some irrefutable evidence which will be presented to all member countries at ICC meeting and hopefully there will be heated debate about it.

There is no longer a single number in international cricket. There was a time it was called the gentleman’s game. The whole world was united in such an event. It seemed like everyone was used to it. Then the money and especially the speed of T20 cricket stunned everything. You will see what happened recently. First and foremost, India refused to play the Manchester Test against England at the last minute. It was announced shortly before the match. Everything was new to the world. In a minute, headlines around the world.

Apparently, the movie was about that the Indian team was in the grip of Corona’s fear, so he refused to play, and then the news spread by the England Council that he was very angry, and the loss was different. A deficit in the chain which means defeat. Similarly, matters of cricket and cricket relations between India and England were tense. And also because the code report was straightforward. Watch or show that he is very angry with India. He is writing a letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC). He wrote a letter to take action on this match, give it a transitional status and declare England the winner. You may have identified one thing.

That is, no vote was raised from India in this period that the match could be terminated due to the code and the role of the ICC. Therefore, we must announce a series of 4 matches and declare the winner by 1-2. There was no news against England about why they went to the ICC. We will do that. They will. It was rumored that India had offered to play a test match on the Limited Tour cricket in England next year. The decision of the series has also been postponed to next year, and the financial deficit will also go away next year, and the game ends or the movie will end, and as a result both councils reached this agreement in silence 3 days ago. Where’s the alcohol or the newspaper? Campaign against each other disappear?

There was a lot of nonsense, the first being that the match was largely canceled and both councils knew in advance that Manchester would not play the Test, and the second was that the England council did not react strongly in the first 48 hours. The third was that there was silence on the part of India. It was also far from common sense. Fourth, there was apparently no war between the two chambers when the test was cancelled. It was suspicious. Finally, a story rescheduled for next year’s test match came to light.

The dramatic end to the Manchester Test on September 10, shortly before the match started, appears to have been a resounding success. Seven days later, New Zealand took the same photo in Pakistan. canceled. There was no logic and then 42 hours later England did the same. If it’s not a rehearsal, then what? Tell the first world that it can happen. The second argument is that India and England rescheduled the canceled exams for the next year after this rehearsal, while Pakistan lost or was denied both series.

Now on her arrival at the ICC, she has also remained silent on the Manchester Test. Likewise, she did not say a word on the Pakistan issue. Likewise, there was no official reaction from any cricket board. There is fear. Or is there some force I’ve enslaved everyone. there is something wrong. In the last 15 days, everything has become irrational and unexpected things have appeared. In such a situation, it can be said that money and power. He finished talking about equality. Now out of the baton is his passion for buffalo and the global body of cricket has the status of slaves. Cricket nations spend time like rats helpless to their interests. Dignity is destroyed and its future is at stake.

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