Pakistan Can win the World T 20 cup 2021

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Babar Azam leads Pakistan in ICC World T20 Cup. This will be his debut event.

T20 World Cup, full description of Pakistan team, unique review. Babar Azam, born in Lahore on October 15, 1994, will turn 27 years old. She has her birthday a few days later. Babar Azam, who celebrated his T20 debut against England in Manchester on September 6, 2016, The matches 61. In 56 innings, making 2204 runs, and the strike rate was about 147. Along with the century, there are also 20 half-centuries that will be a pillar. From the fight in Pakistan.

Another player is the versatile Shadab Khan. Shadab, 23, celebrated his birthday on October 4. He made his debut against the West Indies team in Bridgetown on March 25, 2017. The T20 World Cup will also be new for him. He played only 22 Innings out of 53 matches, in which he scored 226 runs. He also has 58 wickets on his account. Both of these indicators do not consider him one of the top scorers, it is a pity.

Another player is Asif Ali. He made his debut against West India on March 31, 2018. He has 344 scored in 29 games. he could not play more than 41. He has an average of 16 . Will this be the interpretation of Pakistan’s dreams?

The votes of the former Cricketers were too loud for Fakhr zaman, who joined the real team from the reserve. The left-hand fighter is 31 years old. The position is the opener. The team was experimenting on him. He celebrated his debut in the game against India. in the same year in the Champions Trophy final against India. He Scored 100.

Hafiz, born in 1980, will be 41 years old. He is a fighter. He made his debut on August 27, 2006 after 103 innings in 113 matches average 26. 60 wickets is also on credit. He was also the captain of the T20 World.

Not very old. The last 2 years are lost. He is the former captain of Pakistan. He was with the team for 2 years.

Mohammad Rizwan is the main hiter of the Pakistan national team. He has been carrying the weight of the team for 14 months already. He is turning 30 years old. He made 1065 runs in 43 T20 matches. The average is close. He made his T20 debut on April 23, 2015. He will make his debut in World T20, he has not had a chance before.

It is now reported that Shoaib Malik entered at the end. The drama was mentioned at the end. He is 39 years 254 days old. was born on February 1, 1982. It made its international debut in 1999. Enter the 4th century and play cricket. The multi-fighter has 116 matches. He played many matches for the Pakistan national team. He has a score of 2335 for right-handed rotation, not a century. his debut against England in Bristol on 27 August 2006 . ICC World Cup played 28 matches with 546 Runs.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021. Now it is only a short time left. Preparatory games have started. The Pakistani cricket team is also scheduled to fly tomorrow. The national team will then play against New Zealand, Afghanistan, and then in two qualifiers. The only safe way to reach the semifinals is to have more than one doubt. There is no place to sit. The question is whether Pakistan can reach the semifinals or not

If the T20 World Cup had been held outside of Asia, in England, the West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, and even South Africa, the current Pakistani team would never have qualified for the semifinals. For a decade, playing on the pitch in the national team will be of particular benefit. The absence of an expert spinner will be sharply felt, it has not been taken care of.

It is very important for Pakistan to reach the knockout stage for the ICC World T20 Cup. For that you need to play from the first game. His experienc will be useful, it will be experience. even a score below 150 will turn into a victory. Experience will be useful to the team, maybe that is a special aspect of their choice.

Will Pakistan win or lose in the ICC World T20 Cup? They can not be replaced by regular rotations. It will be a loss for the national team. pacers do not have much experience. Therefore, the team is weak. It is difficult to celebrate victory based on them.

However, there is only one possible way for a cricket team to win the T20 World Cup. Let’s look at the first possible XI. Babar Azam will be the captain. Fakhr zaman ,Mohammad Rizvan will play. Hyder Ali or Asif Ali will be one. Shoaib Malik and Hafiz should be one, but Pakistani research centers will take both. We thinks that one should be in the presence of Shadab Khan, so we will support the middle orders. Hassan Ali will be brought for the 7th. Shadab Khan will be in and Emad Wasim, Shahin Shah Afridi, Harris Rauf will be fed, Navaz’s tie will be dropped from Shadab or Emad, if one of them is outside, Navaz will be in the team. 4 out of 15 players. Who can be absent ? Sarfraz Ahmed, Muhammad Wassim Jr., Haider Ali, Asif Ali and Mohammad Nawaz.

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