Pakistan announces no to play in new Zeland,Ramiz Raja says something well

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet the Pakistan T20 squad on Wednesday, September 22. In a meeting with the Prime Minister’s Office, Imran Khan will restore the confidence of the cricketers and tell them how to win the World Cup. The reasons for the cancellation of the tour of England and New Zealand will also be explained. Meanwhile, PCB chairman Rameez Raja has announced that Pakistan will no longer play New Zealand. It has been decided that thegovernment of Pakistan has decided to take action for legal action against New Zealand and has started legal consultation. A protest letter has also been sent to New Zealand.

I think if all this happens in cricket then the work will be bad. I can’t explain the rest of the reasons. I can say that it is wrong to cancel the tour without any security reason. People from England and New Zealand. Come with a special mindset. It was not good to spoil the work in Pakistan. Now look, it is insulting not to value the feelings of Pakistan and Pakistanis, it is also wrong and I would like the media to understand now. Let’s try. There is no talk of emotional issues. Western media is talking in favor of Pakistan, we need unity. People are waiting for our downfall and destruction. We did not allow this to happen.

In reply to a question, Rameez Raja said, “I have no proposal in my mind to call the old chairman. Secondly, we will not go to a neutral country. We will not visit countries that will not come to our country.” The question is that New Zealand did not come to play with us. We will not go either. If Australia crosses the bridge then we will see. From now on I cannot talk about 2023 or 2025. Rameez says that these conditions are temporary. We want to keep it temporary. There is an Asian bloc. We can have 3 national cups. They will not invite us, we will not go. This is a later matter. We have to find a solution from the ICC. There will be no more work.

In reply to a question, Rameez Raja said, “We will meet the Prime Minister on September 22. We will guarantee him. There will be no point in severing ties with the world. Performance should be good and Plan B should be good. Then the results will be good. All this will happen in the next 6 months. We have to show them the mirror. If we talk to the ECB chairman, everyone will be happy, we have been told privately that it was all different The England board did not even consult its players. I told the ECB chairman what to say. Our security agencies are very good. The Kiwis and England lie down for their purpose. We take a very strict line. I am a member of MCC cricket committee, I will be the honor of the country and Pakistan.

The ICC has a meeting after the World Cup. Now we have to see what they do. I think this meeting is also useless. Their standard is different for every country. We did not play for the sake of Allah. The Pakistani team has to give an ideal performance. The reality is that the blocks are made. It should be talked about openly. Now it is time to remain silent. We will talk through our performances, through the blocks and in a legal way. We will talk in the organization. England has made an excuse by talking about staying in the bubble of players.

I am not talking about creating an Asian bloc but I am saying that we should keep such countries on board. My intention was to learn a lesson from it. The ECB chief was saying that we will come in 2022. They will do it. They will do it. They will get up tomorrow and make excuses. Now the thing to do is over. Pakistan has tried it. We have to see many things.

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