Pakistan and England Cricket Issue On the table,Waht benefites

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Today, Pakistan-England cricket is a resurrection, a solution or something. The issue will be raised in the UK on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mohammed Kurashi meeting with his British counterpart. The meeting included formal talks with the UK at the government level. Pakistan’s first visit to New Zealand came to an abrupt end on the 17th of this month. She practiced at Rawalpindi for 6 days and was about to play the first one. One day’s game. 72 hours later, Britain canceled its visit to Pakistan. He is scheduled to visit Pakistan on October 10 and play two games on October 14 and 15.

The question is how important this meeting of Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mohammed Kurashi will be to end the pain, suffering and humiliation that Pakistan is facing. This question is important because the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Krishna Turner, canceled the visit not for security reasons, but the government did not take part in the decision. It was later confirmed that Orbord canceled the tour under the cover of players. Lying because even the players were not asked.

Now the situation is so simple that British cricket board officials have made this decision on their own, and the British government is not happy about it. A place has been called for the authorities. What is happening in this zigzag game in such a situation?

If the British government and the players’ union are true to their request, the picture should inform the British government of an urgent visit to Pakistan because there is still time. ECB Even when the ECB stands its ground, the government must ensure that the statement is true and that the cricketers’ representative must be interested.

The second picture is of Shah Mohammed Quraysh’s visit and the British government regrets the investigation. According to the original program. Such a story would be a beautiful bishop, it would be better not to tell it even Shah Mohammed. Get help from member countries. Now we have to see if Pakistan is celebrated today or if something happened. Long time.

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