Pakistan and Australia face off in knockout,India,s Future of T 20 World Cup decides today

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The eyes of the world today are on Abu Dhabi, the heartbeat of India in the match, under normal circumstances that have always been considered one-sided, hardly anyone can see. Afghanistan vs New Zealand. What a match, where there is a match.

The T20 World Cup is in full swing, everything is at stake for India. The match must be important. Today, Sunday, November 7, 2021, has become an unforgettable day. Pray.. Also pay attention.. Will there be noise in Afghanistan.. Will anyone in New Zealand worry.. Whatever happens.. Today will happen in India..

New Zealand and Afghanistan will face each other in Group B of the T20 Cup 2021 Super 12. Coincidentally, this match is for the day which will start at 3 PM PST. It can be pushed in the dark of the night. The day can be dimmed if the match is one-sided from the start.

The future of India is tied to this match. If New Zealand had won, Afghanistan had to go, besides, India would also have a holiday today and the Namibia match on Monday would be a boring and painful show for them. Afghanistan is still in the semi-final race with Earth.

The simple formula for New Zealand is to win from Afghanistan and play in the semi-finals of the T20 World Championship. What are the semi-final predictions for this? Suppose Afghanistan won the match and won by a good margin, all India will jump tomorrow if India does not beat Namibia by the required margin, Afghanistan can also play in the semi-finals, but its chances are equal.

If New Zealand lose, Afghanistan and New Zealand will come to a complete stop at 6.6 points. Then, on Monday, India will defeat Namibia on their own and score 6 points. The net run rate will be in her hands and in the semi-finals. The seat will be ready. Afghanistan and New Zealand have never met in T20 cricket. There are also two ODIs in the history of the World Cup, which the Kiwis have won, so both countries will play their first international T20 match in history.

Afghanistan’s strength lies in the deer, and Mujibur Rahman’s fitness is still in doubt. The strength of the kiwi lies in both pacers and spinners. The situation in Abu Dhabi Stadium was different in today’s matches. I became. in a. Today’s match, there will be an uncertain turnover.

New Zealand is the favorite, and Afghanistan is ahead of several teams in the ICC T20 rankings. She has a record. She played the 2019 World Cup Final, finished second, and won the World Test Championship final from India this year. Now, going to the knockout stage of the T20 World Cup is also a requirement at this time.

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ICC World T20 2021 Super 12 Group 1 full matches The match between South Africa and England was played on Saturday night which South Africa won by 10 points after Tough competition, South Africa scored 189 points for 2 wickets, while England was limited to 179 points for 8 wickets.

Coincidentally, before the outcome of the match, it was decided that South Africa was knocked out of the semi-final race, had to keep England until 131 rounds, and could not do it. As a result, Proteas were knocked out of the T20 World Cup semi-finals, now the focus was on winning the match, there was an interesting scene after the match, the two teams’ faces were drooping, Packer was out too, he was out despite trampling on a team like England. All the players were sad, not happy to win the match.

The English team began their 190-round chase with great confidence. Jason Roy retired in a set of 38. Hit 20. Played and played innings from 37 of 27 balls to take England’s total to 110. Serious hitter David Milan, who played with him, hit 33, then England’s score was 145, hence the competition intensified. Longston also achieved 28 value..

England needed 14 innings to win at the latter end, with 5 wickets remaining, as Proteas pacer Kagisu Rabada hit a hat-trick by eliminating Chris Fox, Owen Morgan and Chris Jordan with three straight points. The three batsmen were arrested at different locations. Yes, among them is the English captain.

In the end, 13 goals on two balls were difficult, as a result of which the English innings were limited to 179 throws for eight wickets, as a result of which South Africa won the match by 10 runs. This was England’s first defeat in this event. South Africa, England and Australia have 8.8 points for all three, England came in first and Australia came in second in best net run rate and went to the semi-finals, while Kajeso Rabada gave 48 points for 3 wickets but it was a triple. Tabriz Shamsi and Pretoria also got 2, 2 wickets.

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South Africa20 matches in the World Cup, against England there is an excellent karkrgy and as a result, Australia reached the semi-finals.

Even 189 points scored in 2 wickets against England in Sharjah cannot be a defender. His match against England is still going on, anything can come out of the result but he nevertheless reached the semi-finals after that result. England had 131 responses to 189, so they could qualify for the semi-finals with a better running rate.

From the first group, England as the first team, and Australia as the second team have qualified for the semi-finals, therefore, according to the rules, the team No. 2 of the first group will compete with the first group Pakistan match. It will be held on November 11 in Dubai.

The big news for Pakistani fans around the world is that Pakistan will face Australia in the semi-final on Thursday Nov,11,2021.

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