Now the search for runs in UAE,Abu Dahbi T10 League started, Chris Gayle and Hafeez are in the lead

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The T10 League started with a rain of four and sixties. Notable players participate in the event. No matter how fast the formatting. Experienced players still look as enthusiastic as young cricketers. The roles of Muhammad Hafeez and Chris Gale were a good summary of the early days.

The Delhi Blues won their first match in the Abu Dhabi T10 League, defeating the Northern Warriors by six wickets. At least the first match of the event showed them winning the lottery. It is still favorable depending on the circumstances. The same was happening in the T20 Cup.

The Northern Warriors goal was 107 for 4 out of 10 runs. England’s Moein Ali played 21 balls for 35 times, and captain Roman Powell played 19 balls in 38 runs.

The Delhi Blues got off to a good start with their opener Rahmanullah Garbaz, their teammate Riley Russo despite only scoring 6 runs. 1 six and 4 rounds are included. Garbaz played innings of 30 off 10 balls. Important Put the sulfur in the pocket with 6 wickets.

Abu Dhabi is the T10 League. If the host team is Abu Dhabi, the interest is more but that’s what happened, this team also lost the draw, as if half of the match got out of hand. The theory that the first blow after losing the draw means failure is the main reason. The Abu Dhabi team started to repair the Bengal tigers as soon as they caught the racket.

Paul Sterling faced only 23 balls, and smoked 59 goals. It was also a 5 six and a 6 four ball classic. And Chris Gayle’s time came in the last part. Even the complete failure in the T20 World Cup couldn’t crush his feelings, she scored 49 of 23 balls using 5 sixes and 2 quads.. Qais Ahmed hit 31 times in one time.

No matter how many runs are recorded now. Bengal tigers should have dared. The beating was later. A team can score 105 for 8 wickets. Captain Faff Duplex went to zero. Andre Fletcher played 24 rounds. Player Merchant Delange was the team leader. Proteas pacer took 5 wickets for 23 times in 2, and it was also the best bowling alley.

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