New Zealand new T20 World Cup Champion ?

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The new T20 World Cup Champions It’s time On Sunday 14th November 2021 the world will today see a new country leading the fastest cricket format. Australia and New Zealand will be in Dubai today at 7 pm Australia and Pakistan have come this far after beating England This is the second ICC Final event for New Zealand this year and earlier in June they beat India in the World Test Championship final, They won an event.

This is the question on everyone’s lips. Who will be the hero? Who will hold this event? New Zealand will play the T20 World Cup Final for the first time. If we look at the mutual T20 records of the two countries, 14 matches have been played so far. Australia has the lead with 9 wins in it. The kiwi won only 4 matches. Coins. This is Australia that scored 245 in a match against the kiwi. T20 world cup final today, the kiwi and kangaroo knockout records are amazing, matching expectations.

The two countries met once in the history of the T20 World Cup. In the match held in Dharamshala on March 18, 2016, the Kiwi won by eight runs. Incidentally, this was also the last of the T20 World Cup. The two had never met before at this event.

Another thing applies to New Zealand, earlier this year, they beat Australia 2-3 in a series of 5 T20 matches.

The history of the World T20 seems to be in New Zealand’s favour. It is invincible. This year also has the upper hand over the kangaroo but there is one thing against it. It’s a big thing. It was like Pakistan. The Green Berets have never defeated the kangaroo in the ICC knockout stage, so it was the same with the kiwi. They also could not get through the knockout phase of the ICC v Australia.

It was first held in the quarter-finals of the 1996 World Cup. Kiwis lost by six wickets in Chennai.

For the second time in 2006, New Zealand lost in the semi-finals of the Mohali Cup Major by 34 rounds.

For the third time in the Champions Cup final, Centurion lost to Australia by 6 wickets.

For the fourth time in the 2015 World Cup Final, the Kiwis lost 7 wickets to Australia in Melbourne.

This is their record against Australia. If we look at All-Kiwis history, if we look at the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of all tournaments against Australia, they go 17. The New Zealanders lost 16. Australia It’s interesting that the only match New Zealand won was a better-of-three match, not an event.

Aaron Finch and Ken Williamson are both good leaders, and Williamson is considered more intelligent and intelligent, so much so that this event has in common with the two failing in their respective fields, with a score of only 119.

There will be no change to the Australian squad in Dubai on Sunday, there will be a change of team Kiwi, who will replace Tim Seifert Conway.

The million dollar question is who will be in the draw tonight, especially in a situation where the team that wins the lottery runs first and chases the goal. The same thing happened on the eleventh day that if the next team is the winner, the draw will still matter, the other important thing is that Aaron Finch has won 5 times in this tournament.

The name is also big for Australia, the event is also important for Australia, the history of the knockout matches in favor of the Kangaroos.Kiwi are always losers..

Kirk Agen will, as always, make a unique prediction. Toss Coin, as it is written, was kind to Aaron Finch. 5 out of 6 times he won, history is also on his side. The prediction is that Kiwi captain Ken Williamson could win the lottery today and that final would be in his favour. New Zealand could become the T20 world champion, and this time it might be something that hasn’t happened before.

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