Immediately after the T20 World Cup, T20 matches in the world, Pakistan and India’s victory, what message

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If you get out of your country, and then zero zero, it’s because they make such pitches for the lions in their countryto keep, even if the players are destroyed. They end up outside their country. They make such useless pitches to win here, don’t think of your players as grooms.

The Bangladeshis could not comprehend the wisdom, conspiratorial pitches, rained down Inzama-mul-Haqq, and told important secrets. When that team gets out of their country, the picture becomes a failure. I’ve been watching this work for years. Very frustrated and angry, I was thinking seeing their poor performance in the World Cup, maybe they have the wisdom, they are losers, they should improve their lot.

Enzam Al-Haq says his performance is the worst in the last 15-20 years, and even today, he has delivered a dirty pitch, which Hexbrandt plays cricket.

Inzamam revealed that I played there 15 years ago, even at the time they were deliberately doing wet pitches, they would win the lottery and corner the next one. They will get help from the wet pitch. Have you ever heard that Bangladesh has reached the semi-finals? They will never arrive. They will always specify like this at an ICC event.

Enzam-ul-Haq asked the Bengalis that you won 4 out of 5 T20 matches against Australia by submitting such pitches. If you lose 5 matches in the same event, what is the account of your victory over Australia?

Take such an inverted score, the ICC has stopped paying attention to such dirty stadiums, Inzamam said, Bangladesh should take a look at its situation.

Enzam-ul-Haq says Pakistan won the match, well done, now I expect Bangladesh to play next matches on better stadiums, have mercy on their players. This series is not good. Pakistan won the first match by 4 wickets. she has. Take the lead in a 3-match series.

Pakistan snatched the victory from the jaws of Bangladesh, and the 128-goal in the match in Dhaka became a major problem for the Green Berets. 56 throws worth on the 10th wicket. The pressure increased due to the increased running rate. Fakhr Zaman and Khashdal Shah went up and down, and Fakhr and Khashdal played 34 and 34 rounds.

Shadab Khan and Muhammad Nawaz changed the map in the last 3 times. In the eighteenth round, 15 points were scored, and the goal was reduced from 40 to 21. On the nineteenth day, Muhammad Nawaz rained six times. Pakistan took 6 wickets before the goal 4 balls, the national team got good points in the 18th and 19th halves. And there were only 2 in the last half. Green Berets worked 4 balls earlier. Shadib Khan 21 and Muhammad Nawaz 18 are not. Earlier, Muhammad Rizwan 11, Babar Azam 7, Shoaib Malik and Haider Ali scored zero, as for Bangladesh, Taskin Ahmed got 2 wickets in 31 rounds.

Earlier, Bangladeshi roles remained the same. After winning the lottery, the first racket’s decision was not good. 4 players returned to the winger at 40. Afif Hussain scored 36 goals and Mahdi Hassan scored 30 while Nour Al Hassan scored 28 and the team scored 7 wickets made Hassan Ali 3 for 22 and Muhammad Waseem scored 2 for 24.

New Zealand could not prove its superiority over India, whether they were able to Playing in an event like the T20 World Cup Final, the question was raised, in the second consecutive T20 match against India, India won by 7 wickets. The decisive lead 0-2 in a three-game series.

The draw for the match, which was held in Ranchi, fell in favor of India again. Fielding first as expected. The Kiwis managed to score only 153 against 6 in 20 increases, which is less than the first match. Daryl Mitchell and Martin Gopetel scored 31.31, the Kiwis could not score 200 despite a quick start to 48. Glenn Phillips played innings from 34 from 21 balls.

Herschel Patel took 2 wickets for 25 times, and the rest of the players took one wicket each.

India put no pressure on its home ground, with openers Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul participating in 117 runs, Kuala Lumpur Rahul scoring 65, and Rohit Sharma also completing the 50th. The kiwis showed some color in the last moments. Rohit Sharma was fired at the age of 55 and Tim Suthi Amish Yadav was fired for one. Coincidentally, Tim South took these three wickets, and gave only 16 times. Completed earlier. 6 balls.

This match was also significant because Martin Guptill became the highest scorer in the T20 format in the world, surpassing Virat Kohli. Martin Guptill leads with 32 and 48 runs in 107 runs from 111 matches. In innings with 3,227 innings, he came in second. Rohit Sharma is now in pursuit.

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