How the color of the sky changes,England prime minister Joined hands,Abbas then how the hero

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Imran Usmani

It is said that the solution to the problems, cricket, not only forced the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to intervene but also the Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson came to the cricket ground. The dramatic situation has been ongoing ever since. In such a situation, Imran Khan also had to come to the field to save the New Zealand tour of Pakistan. He called his Kiwi counterpart. He requested to play, but the Prime Minister of New Zealand refused to accept and recalled his team. It is as if the appeal and request of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has not been taken into account.

Now England has done the same with Pakistan. Luckily Imran Khan didn’t have to beg cricket from the British Prime Minister. The fact is that the Ashes series will be held from December this year. England is going to visit Australia. Due to the strict rules of covide in Australia, long quarantine period and not allowing families, many senior English players announced boycotting the series. The Ashes series is very important for England and Australia. What happened to it now?

Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson met with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to save the series and fulfill the wishes of its seniors. The meeting took place in Washington DC. He is there on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. England’s head has melted, England’s prime minister has to beg his Australian counterpart for his series. Johnson has asked Morrison to revive the series and take steps to save him.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison has made no promises. He clearly said that the rules in this area are clear. He cannot change it for specific individuals or teams. He will go back and try to find a solution.

This situation is before you. It seems that the Prime Minister of Australia has not made any big promises here. It is also true that the matter will be resolved, but it is also possible that such an atmosphere will persist. Yes. England, who sidelined Pakistan, has had to reach out to the prime minister of another country for its own cricket and this is strange. It is true that time does not stay the same. Is.

Pakistan cricket team fast bowler Muhammad Abbas became the hero of the opening rounds of England’s most important county cricket battle of 2021. Hampshire has a chance to become the champion and it is needed for him to win this game but now the thrill has come Every now and then he has shown his performance. It also covers the extent of the first innings of this match. From now on, he will also be watched in the second rounds.

On the second day of the game in Liverpool, the Pakistani playmaker played well and brought his team back into the game. He would get a big round. On the contrary, the team could not finish 143 and were out at 141. As a result, Pampshire County took a 2 runss lead. Thanks to Abbas, they took 5 wickets for just 48 runs.

The Hampshire batsmen did not appreciate the hard work of their bowlers. Also in the second inning, 7 of their players returned to the flag at 158. James Vance saved the team from disaster by scoring 69 runs.

Abbas’s team has a 160-runslead. There are only 3 wickets left. It looks like he’ll have to play very responsibly in the second innings as well.

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