English Playesrs exposed the lies of their cricket board,hopes for tour of pakistan again

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imran usmani

This is September 22 Cricseen has announced that he will have to cancel his tour of England and Pakistan. Cricseen came to this conclusion after the High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner stated that the government has no hand in overthrowing the government. He wrote that the holiday of cricket leaders in England, as well as in New Zealand, has been approved. This has now been confirmed. Pakistani media It is reported that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson Onson is very unhappy with this decision, he is angry. with the same Central Bank.

Cricseen also stated that the English Cricketers, their representative body, the Professional Cricket Association, were also unaware of the decision, and not only that, but the players did not trust them. This comment is also 100% correct, because in 2021. On September 24, the Daily Mail confirmed that the players of the England national team were not questioned or trusted. They are informed that the tour has been canceled.

Now it may be noted that when their representative organization did not even ask how the English Cricket Council canceled the tour on its own merits. The ECB said that the players are canceling the visit to relax and relieve mental fatigue. Today is the third day that this news was confirmed.

The Daily Mail also found out that the New Aland անդland tour in Pakistan ended on Friday, September 17, 2021. The Council of England decided to hold the meeting the next day, on September 18. On Monday, September 20, on Monday, September 20, he shot the players in the shoulders with a pistol.

It turned out that the “men’s” and “women’s” teams of England wanted to leave for Pakistan. This news will appear soon.

It seems that an attempt is being made to spit, և England teams will visit Pakistan. Cricket leaders in England will have to resign.

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