England,New zealand Tours Of Pakistan,the real story has come,holiday over

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imran usmani

Pakistan is on the back foot after the cancellation of England and New Zealand tour of Pakistan. There is also concern at the government level in this regard. That is why the matter went to the latest federal cabinet meeting. These matters have been taken in stride and now we will see what goes on here. The government machinery has decided to expose the conspiracies. Some things have been said in this regard.

Meanwhile, former England cricket captain Charlotte Edwards has told her board that her memory seems to have been answered. Pakistan had visited England at a time when England was the third most dangerous country in the Corona disaster. Pakistan sent a team at that time. They provided hotels with less facilities. Praise be to the team which removed the loss of England. It was a great favor. What did England do in response to this? That is to cancel the scheduled tour. It’s not good, I’ll just say that England has forgotten its memory. Board officials have forgotten what happened to which country.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Rameez Raja has fully participated in the national media and has the latest conversation and said that I am a cricketer. I have been trained. Bouncers and yorkers have to come to me. Foreign media Pakistan has received good response overall. England has made a fuss. Rameez Raja has said that it is a new form of Western group. It has already been formed. Pakistan’s security is unmatched anywhere in the world. This is not the first time. Australia, New Zealand and England are scared.

On the role of Western powers and the ICC, the PCB chairman said that there is no politics in the ICC but they know where to put their weight. Now is the time for change. In his position in the ICC I will definitely keep it. Politics is going on. I don’t know what is going on but as the Kiwis have run away, it is very bad. Their decision has put Pakistan on the back foot. I have played cricket in England and New Zealand. Talked to the chiefs. He gave them a strong position. Rameez also said that we have to keep our reaction united. The advantage of this is that it has to have a voice and get support from outside. It is very easy. I want to say that we don’t play. I also want to say that. I don’t believe in his visit to Pakistan next year. That is why Plan B has been made. I will speak the language of cricket. Not the language of management. And I will speak openly.

Cricket king Rameez Raja, who is present on the big seat of the national board, has said that the national team first has to understand that we are looking at them. We also have to prove it with our performances. I think Pakistan is in a difficult situation. They have to play. They are emotional. They are expected to win. Don’t put pressure on them.

Another story has been told. The Professional Cricketers Association, the representative body of cricket players in England, has also exploded by announcing ignorance regarding the tour of Pakistan. Now understand the story. England canceled the tour of Pakistan which That was next month. England had to travel to Pakistan for 2T20 matches. Why this tour was canceled. At whose request did it happen. He thought that Pakistan would remain silent on the issue as before.

England did the same after New Zealand’s refusal to tour Pakistan. The ECB announced that the tour was being called off due to the cricketers’ fatigue and mental condition. Nowhere in the announcement was there a security alert. New Zealand claimed that there was no mention of the i5 report. It was decided that the England Cricket Board did not make it the basis but a new stone fell on Tuesday and that is because the English media, including the famous Observers have objected to the decision of the England Board. Under pressure, the British government has announced that the government was not behind the decision of the visit. My report or any directive from the UK government was not included in this decision. This decision was taken by the ECB on a personal basis.

The ECB (England Cricket Board) did not name the government’s directive, but Rameez Raja claimed that ECB chief Whatmore had also said that the decision was not in their hands. Who made the decision? When the question arose, it occurred to everyone that the players must have refused. When the players were contacted, they did not know whether to go or not. Surprisingly, this revelation It so happened that the players were not even asked.

The strength of the players in England is their representative body, the Professional Cricketers’ Association. It was thought that their strength was undeniable. It may have made this decision on the basis of the players, but its chief has also expressed ignorance. According to him, the decision is not in their hands. Then the condition of the base players has been stated. Now the players have not even been asked. Their representative organization is also ignorant. Whose decision was it then? Who did it and why? Will it be investigated or not? Now it is not without interest.

It seems that the matter is not as straightforward as it is being said and it is not going to be digested by anyone. Keep in mind the statement of New Zealand captain Ken Williamson that the decision is shameful. This is not a trivial matter. Is.

looks like a hurricane is coming, a hurricane that England will be able to freeze and not New Zealand. Will go. Then these secret hands will also know how they were. Who they were and who was the planner. It has come to my notice that it has shaken my mind.

Criticism continues in New Zealand as well. The strongest reaction from the transparent circles of England has come to the fore. Even the government there has been shaken. It seems as if they have the same big problem. Given this situation. It is safe to say that the same CB chairman, Anne Whatmore, and New Zealand’s Chief White, are in danger and their leave is over. He did not issue any order to his board to go or not to go. There was no new change in terms of security. Pakistani security is also fine. Despite this, why did England decide against Pakistan.

It is not easy to get the idea that the government really has no role. Now suppose there was no government then what is all this. How can the CB itself make such a big decision. Didn’t go. The mention of the women’s team was a goal. In such a situation, Rameez Raja’s revelation that Whatmore was even told to play in Lahore. Come to the empty fields. Stay in the High Performance Center. If they do not have the power to decide, then the question will be who has it. It seems that the flu will definitely fall. The Pakistani government is also about to reveal some secrets in this regard.

After the end of the tour of Pakistan by England and New Zealand, these powers are also facing strong reactions from different places and a lot seems to be changing for this. Any big news in the next 5 days, sorry And something is likely to happen before or immediately after the World Cup.

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