England will visit Pakistan in next month,big breaking news

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Report by Imran usmani

Cricseen have already break news 48hour beforw that England will visit to Pakistan.

Good news for Pakistan Cricket, England have decided that they are sending their team to Pakistan. It also informed the cricket board of the decision. The English cricket team will visit Pakistan next month as scheduled and play two T20 international matches. He informed the Council of England of this decision on September 20, 2021. Earlier, 99% of the same had been said and England was supposed to follow in New Zealand’s footsteps and refuse to visit Pakistan.

The ecb wiil announce a visit to Pakistan on its most important occasion in nextreme rwould hours. He learned that Pakistan had been contacted at a high level by England and a clear message had been given to her. Earlier, New Zealand refused to visit Pakistan immediately and refused to play in Rawalpindi before the match. Not only that, but the kiwis ended the entire chain and hotel rooms. I shut myself up. Refusal to fly in the airspace.. First, the

Pakistan got two big tips from the England Cricket Board’s decision, which will end the negative impression of ending New Zealand’s tour of Pakistan. Secondly, the road for other teams to visit Pakistan will be quite smooth in the near future. Next, the West Indies and Australia have to play the whole series in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the international players were delighted with the England Cricket Board’s decision, and also said that England’s decision was not wise. It will be difficult to understand England’s role. This is said with reference to New Zealand which ended the Pakistan tour on the same grounds, as the British Agency was involved in this alliance.

Meanwhile, New Zealand cricket captain Ken Williamson expressed his disappointment at the end of the Pakistan tour, as IPL player Ken Williamson, who is in the United Arab Emirates, was not included in the Pakistan tour, but claimed he knew the details.. no. I know for sure that all the players wanted to play and suddenly the series was canceled.

new Zealand will visit Pakistan in neXT few weeks.

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