England safe from Pakistan in T20 World Cup semi-final but story not ended

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England became the first team to reach the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup officially, and this was the fourth match between the two teams in Group A, the fourth consecutive victory for England, 8 points and 8 points. The first place in the group was confirmed, while Sri Lanka finished third with 2 points after 4 matches. She failed and was knocked out of the T20 World Cup. England won despite losing the lottery, hit first, played later, England returned to the match in the last 15 minutes, at one point England were losing, players were upset.

It was a huge surprise that Joe Butler scored his 100th in the current T20 World Championship. It was also great that England scored 163 in their first match against Sri Lanka. And the wicket came back to the wing at the age of 35. It was great to have a reasonable total after the butler century and the big days. Butler was unbeaten in 101 with assists of 6-sixes and fours-sixes. He played 67 balls. Hasaranga de Silva had 3 wickets for 21 rounds, and the win was too much.

When Sri Lanka started the innings, their condition was similar to that of the English batting lineup. Sri Lanka was back in the match towards the end of the 17th, and needed 35 goals from 20 balls. 5 batsmen were in hand, batsmen were on the wicket, the English camp was upset. When the first Haas Ranga de Silva Livingston ball was caught in a manner that stunned everyone.

Sri Lanka suffered a major setback after one game when Captain Shinaka ran out for 26. With the addition of 4 runs, Shamira was also awarded a stake for a total of 134 throws. Team stack up 137 runs.

Adil Rashid and Chris Jordan took two shares each for England, and Muin Ali also took two shares. And with Chris Fox, Liam Longston also got one

. The top teams in the two groups of ICCT 20 World Cup 2021 have been decided. England are confirmed as the top team from Group One. It should become official in a matter of hours, as as a result it was decided that there was no possibility of facing Pakistan and England head-to-head in the semi-finals, in this way these two teams could compete in the final, even in the semi-finals, and both were successful.

After the trip to England in Group A and the early exits of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, there are now two teams vying for the second group of the semi-finals, one from South Africa and the other from Australia, and there are 4.4 points in 3 Coincidentally, one match will be played in the same group between South Africa and Bangladesh on Tuesday November 2nd. The match takes place during the day and begins at 3 pm.

The question is who will be the second team from this group to get a ticket to the semi-finals and play the knockout match against Pakistan with a score of 99%.

The remaining matches, thematch against

South AfricaSouth Africa 2, remain an easy match today. Shakib Al-Hassan is also outside the match scheduled in Abu Dhabi, so half of the Tigers’ strength has gone to the cage, and Proteas are the favorites for this match. Yes, they will win and score 6 points. Their last match in this event will not be lost. November 6 at 7 pm in Sharjah.

Australia’s remaining matches

Coincidentally, Bangladesh is a contender in Australia’s remaining matches, which will be held in Dubai on November 4 at 3 pm, Australia will beat Bangladesh on Thursday and stop at 6 points. November 6 at 3 pm in Abu Dhabi West Indies 5 with two points in 3 matches in third place.

Indies matches TheIndies

WestWestare scheduled to play Sri Lanka on November 4 and Australia on November 6.

If you keep in mind the match dates of all these teams, South Africa has the advantage that their match will be on the night of November 6, they will know how and by what margin to win. Another case is that Bangladesh and if one or both of the West Indies beat their rivals in one match, the story will be reversed. It is also possible that the losing team will be Australia, South Africa will find an open road and it is also possible that South Africa will be Bangladesh, England will lose to both of them but it is almost possible that Bangladesh will lose and if they lose to England there will be a full stop at 6 points.

If Australia beat Bangladesh and also beat the West Indies, it will qualify directly for the semi-finals with 8 points, South Africa will go out, South Africa will also beat Bangladesh and England, then Australia and South Africa will get 6.6 points. The decision is on the net rate, at this time the operating rate in South Africa is better.

The other scary thing is that if the West Indies beat Sri Lanka and Australia, they also get 6 points. If Australia beats Bangladesh, they also get 6 points left. If you lose, Australia will get 4 points. The full point came and will miss the event, both defeated Australia with two victories over the West Indies, both defeated South Africa from Bangladesh and England alone will take the West Indies to the semi-finals with 6 points. And the net employment rate was competitive, there would be a large deficit in the West Indies.

If you look at the matches, Australia has a 100% chance and South Africa has a 90% chance that one of them will play in the semi-finals. The chances of the West Indies will be less than 30%.

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