England Ends Tour Of Pakistan,ICC Events At stake,Inzamam criticized by ICC

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PCB Reaact On ECB

Imran Usmani’s report

What is happening on Pakistan cricket, does anyone have any idea? The only thing here is that after leaving New Zealand, England and Australia teams will not come, so international cricket will not be fully restored. Those who say so must agree that despite this, the teams of South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be seen playing in Pakistan, it will be a small benefit. The big goal will not be achieved. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

What is Pakistan’s biggest loss?

No one thought that Pakistan is a candidate to host at least 2 of the 8 mega events of the ICC between 2023 and 2031 and the decision will be made by the end of this year. Who will win and which event will be the garden of his garden. Thus the cancellation of the New Zealand cricket team’s tour of Pakistan has undermined Pakistan’s biggest and most important goal and it is the end of the loss. Whether this has been thought of or not. This is the real target of the perpetrators and important personalities including the officials of the cricket board working in the interest of Pakistan were immediately understood and they were also worried about the next plan keeping this in mind. Of


England Cricket Board has canceled the 2021 tour of Pakistan. A short press release was issued on Monday night stating that the board officials have decided after lengthy consultations and the opinion of the security agencies that England’s Men’s and women’s teams will not tour Pakistan. Thus, both the teams will play T20 matches in Rawalpindi on the 14th and 15th of next month. They are being canceled. Work on ECB 2022’s original tour of Pakistan Will do and will continue to think about it.

Australia’s tour of Pakistan also ended 

After the announcement of England, now the tour of Australia to Pakistan has been canceled at the beginning of next year. If the Kangaroos do not travel to Pakistan, then Pakistan also refused to play the series at a neutral venue. This means that all the major teams have made a final decision not to play in Pakistan.

ICC events are also at stake

. After New Zealand, the manner in which England also ended its tour of Pakistan, it has now been decided that the chances of Pakistan hosting ICC events are also running out. Now we have to see what the Pakistan Cricket Board and the government of Pakistan will decide in this regard. The reaction from the PCB is yet to come but a strong reaction can also be expected from the government of Pakistan. ۔

Inzamamulhaq Reactuion

It is now clear where the world body of cricket is. What is its role, cricket is also being pushed towards football. Not only when the Supreme Body becomes a spectator and remains a silent spectator in such big events. His place and his work are in question. His role in the Pak-New Zealand series has been very bad, but that has been his attitude. He has kept this day for a long time. Yes, one thing is not without interest. If it is a weak country, sanctions may be imposed, as happened with Zimbabwe. The South African Cricket Board has been under government torture for years, the same allegation against Zimbabwe, no sanctions have been imposed on it. Probably a member. Fingers are now being pointed at the role of ICC spectator. A former Pakistan captain has also been attacked.

What should Pakistan do? The PCB has so far taken a dignified approach with reference to New Zealand. With the postponement of the tour of New Zealand, Pakistan has shown the class. The situation is still clear. The question is what is the role of ICC? Then it was learned that 5 countries have happened due to I5. If this is kept in mind then England and Australia will not come either. Sri Lanka has made a very good statement that they are ready to play at any time.

Former captain and former chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq has caught the PCB’s statement that if foreign teams do not come to Pakistan, they will not play at a neutral venue. Now the question is, will Pakistan visit these countries? The situation is bad. That is why I say where is the ICC. The ICC should play a role in this. It is not just a matter of Pak-New Zealand series. India did not play Pakistan, Australia did not visit South Africa, Australia did not visit Afghanistan. Did not play. ICC had no role. What happened?

What is the ICC? An event was held in a year and that’s it. It means that cricket is also moving towards football. After 4 years, they played the World Cup. During this time, there are leagues. Don’t play, no one cares if cricket is to be made the same. It will be a big joke. The example of not coming home to play is wrong. Here the supreme body of cricket did something. In 24 hours the supreme body did something. Did not work

Inzamam-ul-Haq says efforts are being made to take cricket in a new direction. Before that, when it used to happen, the ICC used to come under pressure. Now the ICC has no pressure. Why Australia for a tour of South Africa? Didn’t go. Is there any role for him? I am not just talking about Pakistan, the whole matter is bad. We should focus on national cricket. Leagues are not important. Incidents tarnish the country’s image.

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