England Cricket Back In Pakistan,Ramiz Raja says we were angry,They wore under pressure

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England Cricket Board was under pressure, we were angry, it was not an easy task. PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja says the whole world saw what happened. Then we strengthened our case, and the result is in front of you. That is, all councils need each other, all councils understand each other, expectations meet each other.

Ramiz Raja says: “I am grateful to the English Cricket Board. I think they guessed they were abusive. Also great they understood it. Talks are underway about the series against New Zealand.

Ramiz Raja says the ECB has guessed what was going on, our circumstances made them realize they were wrong.”

Ramiz Raja said the arrival of Australia and England is good news. I want us to respect and respect the fans. The players are playing well and Australia is a great team and winning will increase respect You see the world T20 if the Pakistan team has shown a poor performance then the whole world is behind

Ramiz Raja says let’s not Hide our eyes, I’m talking about the home season. We will launch the U19 PSL in October next year. We will launch the women’s PSL, people should come from the outside world including England. It will be a big deal.

England will play additional players from the Twenty20 Internationals in the five originally planned T20Is when they tour Pakistan in September/October 2022, England and Wales Cricket Board chief executive Tom Harrison announced today after meeting Pakistan Cricket Chairman Ramiz Raja.

The men’s team will then return to Pakistan in November/December at the back of the FIFA Men’s T20 Australia 2022 World Cup to play three Tests, which will form part of the ICC World Test Championship.

ECB CEO Tom Harrison: “ECB Senior Director Martin Darlow and I visited Lahore to speak face-to-face with the Bank’s Governing Council on some of the matters that have happened over the past few weeks, leading to the cancellation of our October tour. We also wanted to discuss the future where The two councils have a historical relationship and we want to move the agenda towards a future look rather than looking back.

” We are pleased to announce that we will be playing two extra white ball T20Is on our men’s tour of Pakistan in September/October 2022. We will be back then after the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia to complete the Test Match component of that round.

“Thisonly to reaffirm our commitment togamePakistan cricketbring teamsEngland,menteam and women, playing inend in Pakistan on their

land.”I do not think that therecricket player in England does not wanttest his abilities againsthuge talent enjoyed by this countryincircumstances which they know best.

“We also spoke with our colleagues inPCB about participating intrack, and how can we supportproposals on the gameladies and some interesting ideas aboutlocal Agenda here in

Pakistan.”We will build on these plans to move forward together and weexcited about it too.

“ChairmanBoardDirectorsBank Ramiz Raja: “The European Central Bank has shown great sympathy for my presence here and I am grateful to Tom and Martin. This means a lot to us.

“We are excited that England have committed to play two more sets of T20I as part of the White Ball Tour in September/October in 2022. We have put in a lot of effort to make sure all visiting teams are comfortable in Pakistan. As such, it is a source of pride for the Pakistani fans, who are looking forward to welcoming Australia and England in 2022.

“England have a fantastic team and it is amazing how they have produced so many match winners in such a short amount of time. About five to seven years. They play very attractive and engaging cricket, which is great for fans and a great advertisement for the game.”

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