Cricseen,s Sep 22 analysis is true,ECB Chief fired,real question remains,why PAK tour canceled

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The question remains how England Cricket Board President Wattmore dared to announce the cancellation of her solo tour in Pakistan. The Chairman of the ECB, Wattmore, has resigned. Let’s remind our readers that 15 days ago, we wrote here that Whatmore’s Vacation Ended column header is something like this.

According to reports from England, an eyewitness to the meeting said he had seen the worst performance and the heaviest gathering in his life. The mail was sealed with leave.

The Bob Willis Trophy final was underway at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The largest meeting of the England Cricket Board was called. This was a court, there were many matters to be discussed in it. Because of the code, such a meeting could not ask ECB representatives from 18 counties of England why the visit to Pakistan had been cancelled. He revealed that several coyotes were called and abused by their Asian cricketers, and senior Asian representatives of the country, with harsh words and seeking clarification, they were very upset, felt insulted. He wanted concrete reasons and we had nothing to say.

According to an eyewitness, Whatmore hit Tom’s toys, talking in space, he had a head, not a foot. All participants noted that Whatmore had nothing to say. Speaking of the left, people at the ECB board meeting called it the worst management performance and told Whatmore they weren’t qualified for it. Decide for yourself. In response to Whatmore, we lacked integrity, leadership skills There were zero. A county representative called Whatmore extremely ignorant.

The meeting ended. The committee emailed the ECB delegate to remove Whatmore. As soon as Whatmore found out, he started thinking about leaving. Sources claimed there was a threat. The Ashes series was dubious, Pakistan’s tour of England in 2020 was not only rumored, but also under a lot of pressure.

This move by the ECB was seen as a humiliation of Pakistan, but it was said that it was not a reward for the sacrifice Pakistan made in 2020. The fierce reaction of PCB chairman Rameez Raja was also felt far away.

Whatmore’s past was linked to football, the cricket board chairman came to this seat 10 months ago for 5 years and was forced to leave 4 years 2 months ago. It was decided that the government of England was not involved. There were no safety issues either. The English players were ready for the tour.

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