After Refusal Of England,what,s Imran Khan did his real duty

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 By Imran Usmani

If anyone wants to know what politics is, what hypocrisy is, look at the recent decisions of New Zealand and England cricket. Before we go to the next mountain, Australia, England and New Zealand next year. We will visit Pakistan as per schedule and cricket will be restored. It may happen like this. It may not happen. It is not about next year’s mountain. It is about what has just happened. No donkey is this mountain. Will read that Australia will visit Pakistan. Why? Australia is also included in the Five Eye. First New Zealand, then England have shown their hand, so why shouldn’t Australia show their hand.

Tours Call OFF

We have already given the news that England has ended its tour of Pakistan. The reaction of PCB chairman Rameez Raja was also seen that he is disappointed and all the work has been handed over to the cricketers to play well. Be number one. Then the world will line up here. As if the PCB and the government will not do anything. The team will not be number one and no other work will be done.

What will the one who knows the West do?

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been a former cricketer. He always claims to know more about England. He also talks about knowing a lot about the West. Now the other team has canceled the tour. What does Imran Khan know. Would you like to tell the people? If there are any conditions. If anyone has a problem and Pakistan is not able to fulfill it, will Imran Khan tell the nation. Imran Khan has made a lot of claims. He has a duty to take a stand or issue a decision that reflects the sentiments of the Pakistani nation.

The issue will be included in the federal cabinet meeting.

most important meeting of the federal government be held on Tuesday, September 21. Its agenda includes the issue of cancellation of New Zealand’s visit to Pakistan. Now the issue of England should also be included. It will be a matter of why these two teams did not come to Pakistan. A tough decision is needed in this regard. England did not use security as an excuse to postpone the tour of Pakistan but based on the mental and physical condition of the players. Why did they schedule. Why did they free their players for IPL during the schedule of International Cricket and World T20. These are all excuses. The real thing is different. Asking for details, he exposed to the world that they were not giving details of the security alert. England was also a member of the five-member intelligence alliance that ended the visit to the Kiwis. The wind couldn’t make an excuse. So he said something else.

What could be a better decision for the Pakistani government

simple matter. Regarding the bilateral cricket series, the ICC has been of the view that it is a series between two countries. What can the ICC do when the government does not give permission? The time has come. That the government of Pakistan should do the same thing that India has been doing so far. Refuse to allow foreign tours against any country that refuses to visit Pakistan. Pakistan should also go to the countries that do not play Pakistan’s home series. When Imran Khan’s government issues this decision, the national cricket team will not visit New Zealand and England until these countries come and play their incomplete series in Pakistan. Will be.

What will be the loss if Pakistan will not be able to go to these countries. Whenever Pakistan does not play a foreign series, it will be a loss not to Pakistan, but to the host country. Now it cannot be that the world is ours. He should also do harm. He should also put his honor at stake. He should come home and hit his shoes and we should continue to make up for the loss of others. The same thing happened during the tour.

new alliance of cricketing nations, should form a like-

Pakistanminded group at the same time. It will have the support of Zimbabwe, which is already complaining to all cricketing nations, including the ICC. Sri Lanka can stand with Pakistan. Similarly, help can be sought from Bangladesh. Afghanistan will not be a problem. In this case, there are 12 countries playing Tests. Pakistan can stand with half of the countries and help it. He can talk to the ICC eye to eye

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